Alcohol, Pregnancy, Would Moderate or Ni a Drop Consumption?

In the United Kingdom rose a controversy over cUAL is the quantity limit of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy. It is a theme that extends to all women who are expecting a baby who want to know if they can drink a glass once in a while or if conversely better or get wet lips.

Until recently in that country was allowed a low or moderate consumption (my gynaecologist in Spain nor did not forbid it me if I did not exceed a DRAM), however lately the recommendation of low or moderate consumption went on to become ban (at least in the United Kingdom).

Opinions among experts have been divided. For some the ban is a “paternalistic” measure and disrupts because it is safer to advise that it should be deleted completely even though there is no evidence that moderate consumption of alcohol (one or two drinks per week) may have long-term adverse effects.

On the other hand, are those who consider that precisely by not having conclusive evidence it is better to prevent possible damage to the foetus and drinking alcohol, as experiments with animals suggest that even small amounts can cause irreversible damage to the fetus, especially in certain critical periods.

In the blog we’ve talked many times about maternity t shirts in pregnancy and propose the recommendation of not to drink a drop because it is very difficult to put a measure limit widespread. There are women in whose body the effect of half glass of wine can be very damaging as that in the other not.

Without going any further, a study which I have reviewed indicated that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, even though it is a moderate consumption (do not know exactly how many cups per week call moderate) is the most common cause of mental retardation in the baby.

Always clarified that it is best that you check this with your doctor, without however the final decision is the pregnant than the more informed is better (and for that we are).