Adidas MiCoach Smart Run: a Smart Watch That Quantifies The Daily Activity

Following the introduction of the second edition of the Nike + Fuelband, Adidas responds with a smart watch that quantifies the daily activity, It is of the Adidas miCoach Smart Run that includes GPS, accelerometer, and even heart rate monitor.

Adidas smart clock, with a clear sporting profile, interesting facts for our training measures as speed, distance, heart rate and intensity of effort. In addition, you don’t need a smartphone to get all the juice possible, but has Android 4.1.1.

So, can from our watch to know not only valuable data for the training but also, listen to music or receive instructions from the associated with miCoach virtual trainer, that you can sync wirelessly via WiFi or bluetooth.

Beyond all these important functions, the great added value of the new gadget is the integration of a wrist heart rate monitor It is located at the bottom of the clock and that does provide data valuable as well as comfort, because it saves the usual chest strap.

Adidas says that intense training mode battery would have a duration of 4 hours, although it could withstand approximately 8 hours if we restrict GPS.

Of course, the clock is water resistant Although apparently not submersible, a fact that we will have to confirm because it would add appeal greatly to the new device from Adidas.

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run It is a much more independent than others, gadget because it does not require a mobile phone or an extra accessory to measure heart rate, for example. Even integrates in an only machine the two devices more fashionable in recent times, since It is simultaneously a smartwatch or smart watch and a personal quantifier.

As of November 1 the new Adidas sports watch will be available in the U.S. at a preferred price of $399 and perhaps there we have more information regarding this gadget that shows interesting and full.