Aargau, Switzerland

Aargau, Switzerland

Aaargau is a canton in Switzerland. In this canton German is spoken. In addition, Aargau is also known as “Rüebliland”. The main town of Aargau is the city ​​of Aarau. It is known city of Aarau among other things through their football club FC Aarau.
As a canton, Aargau has been a member of the Confederation since 1803. Aargau has 229 municipalities, which are divided into eleven districts.

The German state of Baden-Württemberg and the cantons of Zurich, Lucerne, Zug, Bern, Solothurn and Basel-Landschaft are located around Aargau. Aargau takes its name from the river Aare.

Landscape and nature in Aargau

The landscape of Aargau is strongly influenced by the Ice Ages. In the canton of Aargau, for example, you can see how it was shaped by the various glaciers.

Cultural city?

Aargau is not a classic tourist destination. There is less commercial tourism here. However, the cultural side is not in the background. Since Aargau is criss-crossed by many motorways and there is a nuclear power plant here, it has never become a classic recreational region or a crowd-puller. But there is much more to it here than concrete and nuclear power. The many castles and palaces from bygone times are absolutely worth seeing. If you travel to Aargau, you should take a look at the castles Lenzburg and Hallwyl. In addition, the Habsburgs and the Muri monastery are located in this canton.

You can picnic, swim and grill at Lake Hallwil. In summer it is possible to take a boat trip on the lake.
The numerous hiking trails and bike routes also invite you to take a walk or take a bike tour. If you like to swim or want to spend a day in the pool, Aargau also has a large selection. You won’t get bored here, even if the canton is not a tourist or holiday destination at first glance.

The history of Aargau

The Alemanni lived in what is now the canton of Aargau in the 5th century. After that, in the 6th century, Aargau belonged to the French. The canton name was mentioned for the first time in a document as early as 763.

In the Middle Ages, Aargau belonged to different counties. Later in 1415, the Swiss conquered what is now the Canton of Aargau. In 1798 France struck again and conquered Aargau. Today’s main town, Aarau, was the capital of the HelveticRepublic at that time. Thus Aarau was also the first capital of Switzerland.

In 1803, under Napoléon Bonaparte, today’s canton was formed. It is made up of the cantons of Aargau, Baden and Fricktal. In addition, there was the Bern office in Aarburg and the Lucerne office in Merenschwand. Even today, the differences in economic structure and denominations as well as political attitudes are noticeable.

In 1831 Aargau became a Liberal Canton that gave democratic refugees from Germany a new home. Aargau abolished the monasteries in 1841/43, but later reopened the women’s monasteries. This caused a Sonderbund War in 1847. This resulted in the modern Swiss federal states.

Aargau, Switzerland