A Version of Skype Hacked, Which Expands The List of Androids with Video Call

If yesterday we told you about the new version of Skype for Android with support for video calls, Today we continue with the news. The problem with this update is, time and officially, only giving support for video calls to 4 Android phones, reviewing are: Google Nexus S, HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro.

As well, as it could not be otherwise (or is already becoming customary), hand of the developer community, in this case the of VillainROM, has reached a solution, creating a ‘patched’ variant of Skype with that is getting increasing mobile winners list for the video calls. At the moment the list is extended with the Samsung Galaxy S and S II, as well as the Thunderbold HTC and HTC Sensation, but as users are doing the tests are extended listing.

We must point out that the people of VillainROM already was commissioned to take the first Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II, so it was almost logical that this mobile was among the first to use this new service. Is true that some users who are testing it, are commenting on VillainROM and XDA Developers forums app isn’t very stable, but it is logical that they are polishing it little by little.

However, since the barracks Skype already reported that they would expand the list of terminals. Of could deduce that this is not a problem for Google, if not rather the own Skype, either due to technical problems or because they will not want to renege on agreements between the operator that has the terminal in exclusivity and the use of an application that provides services for which she receives no benefits.

Whatever it is, the list of terminals will continue to increase gradually, because it either in official or extra officially in the hands of the developer community. And you, do in whom you trust more so that the list will expand?