A Small Fine Travel Kit: Mantona Triangle Camera Bag

I was both according to the description of the manufacturer’s curious about this combination of bag and tripod – ideal for a city tour. So I tested the following set:

Mantona Triangle Camera Bag Incl. Mantona DSLM Travel Travel Tripod Grey

What Was My Goal?

I wanted a bag that does not looks like much photo bag you can wear comfortably on the back, in the Metro but also easily can push forward. The second goal was a very small and very handy tripod, which must go in the above not flashy pocket inside and had to have still plenty room for my system camera with a mounted lens and an additional lens. No later than the target – a tripod in a bag – almost all were me conceivable systems and providers “out” race from the.

Until I was on the triangle travel set by Mantona at Walser pushed. And I looked at closer exactly me according to ANDYEDUCATION.COM.

To the Pocket – MANTONA Camera Bag First Triangle

The case surprised me positively. I was expecting a well processed and well-thought-out bag at a set price of about 130 Euro including the tripod. The opposite was the case out of the box. The case is built up to the last detail thought out and also high enough for many applications. I like the Red Interior. The three rectangle bag (so sure the name ‘Triangle’) exactly the small “Mantona travel tripod DSLM” is equipped in the bottom with a lateral compartment fit. Instead, a 1.5 liter water bottle in this compartment or even multiple photo lenses is also perfectly. This subject but no longer is divided with inner Halter of the bag, but is very good to store a “long tube” in which the tripod.

The upper end of the three-GON is then classified into two compartments in which very well my Sony A7R fit into II with the scheduled Sony Zeiss 16-35 and on the other hand, a second lens tucked well can, as in my case the Sony 24-240. The bag also features a “leader” in which I could be stowed even my 9, 7″ Tablet incl. smart protective case cover. Separate inner pockets for battery, Smartphone, memory cards, etc. are also available in the front pocket.

To open the two above photo subjects or to be able to operate, you have to open the buckle in pro-Western, only then you can open the two zippers in the two subjects. That is practical, stability of the bag and is a pleasant theft protection for the very valuable equipment is.

The sling strap of the bag is very long and very convenient for me as a 193 cm man with XXXL-format to carry.

The back of the bag is padded so that even when not padded hips – which can easily carry bag, even if it is fully loaded.

The Tripod – MANTONA Travel DSLM

My expectations were not the greatest. The complete set of tripod, Ballhead, removable and Slingbag costs considerably less than 150 euro – what should be good because the tripod?

Now, the tripod is not a Gitzo or Berlebach that can carry equipment up to 10 kilos. But still, the tripod is what it should be a very small travel tripod for a DSL (so a mirrorless system camera). The tripod itself weighs approximately 1.6 kg incl. the detachable tow ball. The entire height of if it pulls out all what to take off, is note to then 143 cm, which is a significant height is for a tripod that fits with his pack size of 35 cm in a small bag! This is remarkable. I’ve done tests with my system camera and can confirm that goes and it holds up well. For long exposures, would I not extend the center column, already not even twice, and would make the long exposures rather on about 100 cm height without the center column. Then also shutter speeds of 30 seconds at this small tripod are no problem. The tripod at the bottom of the center column on a tripod hook/Pocket hook does, you can protect the whole set good against vibrations and wind effects.

The ball is no giant, but very suitable for use with his Arca-compatible changer and does exactly what it is – that stable carry camera and adjust. The head has about dragonflies/spirit levels so that one his camera very can align well, even if the stand time is not 100% exactly aligned.

The supplied removable plate is equipped with a backup, so also when the quick change base should solve times, the plate out can nevertheless not the same slip. To remove the removable base, open intentionally quite happened not accidentally. You thought itself to such trifles at this “cheap Tripod”. The plate is in addition to mount Werkzeugfrei on the camera and you will need to mount a hex key in the Pocket to the camera not like very many – even the very expensive system – or to remove the plate from the camera.

The tripod is supplied with a very light and thin protection bag which also even have a belt so that you separately can hang around the tripod or can carry well in the trunk in the protective cover.

The Tripod legs are equipped with rubber feet which can be removed, so that the tripod in nature or in the ice and snow then good can be with the then obliging spikes. For parquet photographers certainly important but not for those who like outdoor shots make, a not insignificant important facility these spikes.

One of the three Tripod legs can be removed and can be combined with the removed Center column (which is double extendible), so that you get a high and moderately stable monopod. To combine the two parts (removed from leg and taken centre column), you must screw a threaded pin supplied with the tripod set into both ends and thus screw the two parts together. The set screw is located in the stand cover. The whole thing is usable but probably rather tricky in practice. It works but perfectly and do therefore not diminish my very positive assessment.

Overall Impression:

The travel set – I call it that – is awesome for a city tour where the tripod is not conspicuously carried through the area. The bag is high quality and usable and somehow also timeless so you they could carry just as good on a dark suit like on a denim jacket from geranzte at the street photography. In short: I really like the set!

Of course this set not a large and expensive three-leg tripod with high quality head and not the higher quality photo bags also replaced but just for the above purpose, the set of I believe is almost unrivalled and really well thought out. Full of me five by five points.

Greetings – your tripod freak, bag freak and Fotofuzzy – Jörg Langer

This set can order it via the below link directly to Amazon :