A Puerto Rican 23-Year-Old Hides Her Pregnancy of 5 Months

The illusion of participating in a Olympic Games for those who take training 4 years is what is that, sometimes, takes you to commit Follies. At least so say the compatriots of Diana Reyes a 23-year volleyball player and 1,90 cm tall, native of Caguas (Puerto Rico), that he learned only two days before taking the plane to Rio de Janeiro that she was 5 months pregnant.

The desire to be part of the first Volleyball team Olympic from his country could more than his prudence, and decided to hide the news to his coach and the rest of her companions for fear to see his name crossed out of the list of the selected.

Only arriving in Brazil, Diana informed his bosses also presenting a medical certificate It allowed her to play, since doctors did not see any disadvantage that would continue practicing this activity despite its advanced pregnant.

Although, obviously, the team congratulated her, at the moment it hasn’t played or one single matches which has disputed his team at these Olympics. Diana not to despair and has commented that he still awaiting its moment. His trainer, Juan Carlos Nuñez, It has ensured that if the player has not yet released it has only been by purely technical decisions.

In Puerto Rico This story is giving rise to a great controversy, Since many are those who reproach Diana not having declared the truth, to have ceded his post to another promise in the sport in his country.