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South Dakota Newspapers List

List of major newspapers in South Dakota featuring news and latest information on local politics, events, business, sports, education, jobs, and more. See following table for 26 South Dakota local newspapers, each with official name, city location and Internet website address. All find related online resources that may help you living in or moving to the state of South Dakota.

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South Dakota Newspapers List

Newspapers Location Image Website
Aberdeen American News Aberdeen, SD
Alcester Union Alcester, SD
Argus Leader Sioux Falls, SD Argus Leader
Black Hills Pioneer Spearfish, SD Black Hills Pioneer
Brookings Register Brookings, SD Brookings Register
Groton Independent Groton, SD
Lemmon Leader Lemmon, SD
Madison Daily Leader Madison, SD
Miller Press Miller, SD
Mobridge Tribune Mobridge, SD
Parkston Advance Parkston, SD
Philip Pioneer-Review Philip, SD
Pierre Capital Journal Pierre, SD
Plain Talk Sioux Falls, SD
Plain Talk Vermillion, SD
Rapid City Journal Rapid City, SD
Reporter & Farmer Webster, SD
Sisseton Courier Sisseton, SD
The Daily Republic Mitchell, SD
The Freeman Courier Freeman, SD
The Hudsonite Hudson, SD
The Lennox Independent Lennox, SD
The Plainsman Huron , SD
The Press & Dakotan Yankton, SD
The Tripp Star-Ledger Tripp , SD
Watertown Public Opinion Watertown, SD
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South Dakota offers countless outdoor surprises, making it a perfect destination for enjoying natural attractions. One of the postcards there (and the United States) is Mount Rushmore, known for having the faces of four former US presidents carved in the stone of the mountain itself.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt can be seen from different parts of space - from lookouts and strategic places to take photographs. The attraction started to be made in 1927 and it took 14 years to be ready.

South Dakota

Unforgettable sights in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore Memorial

This attraction is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the USA. Here in the lonely southwest of South Dakota in the Black Hills, four faces of former presidents look down on the visitors, apparently admonishingly and somewhat strictly. This fascinating mountain sculpture shows the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

There is a visitor park around the mountain monument, which not only celebrates America's diverse history, but also hosts numerous events.

Badlands National Park

If you want to spend an active vacation day, you should visit the Badlands National Park. The grassy rocky landscape contains fossil beds that are more than 30 million years old. The mixed grass prairie is home to a diverse flora and fauna, so an informative day is guaranteed.

Custer State Park

This state park, named after General George Custer, offers comfortable lodges as a starting point for excursions into the surrounding mountain ranges. Here, however, nobody has to be a professional mountaineer, because there are numerous paved roads that lead through bison herds. An exploration by car offers the opportunity to get to know this vast area without physical exertion.

Deadwood City

South Dakota is a journey through time to the wild west. If you've always wanted to see a historic gold mining and western town, Deadwood City is the place to be. The well-preserved and repeatedly restored western town offers shopping as well as restaurants and cafés.

Calamity Jane's final resting place is in this historic city. In Saloon No. 10 is reminded of the famous poker game in which the no less famous Wild Bill Hickok was killed by a revolver shot at his opponent Jack McCall.

Spearfish Canyon

If you want to comfortably explore the South Dakota landscape, book a leisurely drive through the Spearfish Canyon. It is 35 kilometers along the Spearfish Canyon Byway, which overcomes a height difference of 610 meters.

Crazy Horse Memorial

The famous Indian chief is an integral part of South Dakota's history. The Oglala warrior and his Sioux tribe were at home in this state before the white settlers took the country from them. The Crazy Horse Memorial honors these South Dakota residents and shows the warrior in the form of a large statue sitting on a horse.

Wind Cave National Park

This national park has one of the longest cave systems in the world. When entering, visitors hear a whistle caused by the escaping wind. Sometimes the sun bathes this cave in warm light, giving the impression of golden rock walls.

Numerous wild animals such as prairie dogs, bison and wapitis feel at home in the national park. The flora is also quite diverse here.

Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

This popular recreation area commemorates the brave adventurers and explorers Lewis and Clark, who were commissioned by the government in the first half of the 19th century to explore the still undeveloped western United States.

A reservoir on the Missouri River, huts, campsites, hiking trails and sandy beaches ensure a varied leisure program.

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