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Geographically, the continent of America is made up of South America, Central America and North America, where Canada and the USA are two of the world's largest countries. Also worth mentioning is the Pan-American Highway (Panamericana), which stretches 29,750 km from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

South America

Country Area in km˛ population Capital
Argentina 2,780,400 44.7 million Buenos Aires
Belize 22,966 408,500 Belmopan
Bolivia 1,098,581 11.08 million La Paz
Brazil 8,514,215 212 million Brasilia
Chile 756.626 17.5 million Santiago de Chile
Costa Rica 51,100 4.8 million San Jose
Dominica 751 73,000 Rosseau
Ecuador 256,370 17.27 million Quito
El Salvador 21,040 6.5 million San Salvador
Falkland Islands 12,173 3,000 Port Stanley
French Guyana 83,534 268,500 Cayenne
Guatemala 108,890 17.2 million Guatemala City
Guyana 214,970 780,000 Georgetown
Hawaii 28,311 1.42 million Honolulu
Honduras 112,090 9.5 million Tegucigalpa
Colombia 1,138,748 50 million Santa Fe de Bogotá
Nicaragua 130,700 6.5 million Managua
Panama 75,517 4.3 million Panama City
Paraguay 406,752 7.2 million Asunción
Peru 1,285,220 33 million Lima
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 4,066 almost uninhabited there is not any
St. Lucia 616 165,500 Castries
Suriname 163,820 585,000 Paramaribo
Uruguay 176,220 3.5 million Montevideo
Venezuela 916,445 29 million Caracas

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Notes on some selected countries

Argentina covers an area of ​​2,789,400 km˛ - with around 44.7 million residents. From 1976 to 1983, the country was ruled by an inhuman, brutal and corrupt military dictatorship under General General Jorge Rafael Videla (1925-2013). The nightmare did not end until the end of the Falklands War in June 1962 under British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (192-2013). Argentina gained independence from Spain on July 9, 1816.

Brazil covers an area of ​​8,514,215 km˛ - with around 212 million residents. A large part of the approximately 7 million km˛ Amazon basin is located in Brazil. Unfortunately, under President Jair Bolsanaro (born 1955), more and more parts of the jungle are cleared and partially planted with useful plants. The capital is Brasilia, although Rio de Janeiro with its 6.4 million residents, the Copa Cabana and the Christ statue is much better known. Brazil gained independence from Portugal in 1825, so Portuguese is spoken in the country and not Spanish, as in almost all Central and South American countries.

Chile covers an area of ​​756,626 km˛ - with around 17.5 million residents. On February 12, 1818 Chile gained independence from Spain. In the far south of the continent, Chile borders Argentina. An important event was the so-called saltpeter war over the saltpeter deposits in the Atacama desert between Chile on the one hand and Bolivia and Peru on the other, which began in 1879 and ended in 1884. After the coup of General Augusto Pinochet (1915-2006) against the democratically elected socialist president Salvador Allende (1908-1973), the people suffered a bad time 1988, when Pinochet was replaced as president on March 11, 1990 by the Christian Democrat Patricio Aylwin (1918-2016).

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