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San Marino Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in San Marino

San Marino has two daily newspapers and since 1987 daily broadcasts official news in collaboration with Italian RAI (1939-87 prohibited an agreement with Italy San Marino to start radio). The State San Marino RTV and a private radio station (Radio Titano) were established in 1991 and 1993. There are about 520 radio and about 360 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (1996).

San Marino Newspapers


Both traditional culture and today's cultural life are linked to the culture of the surrounding Italy. San Marino's long history of peace has made it possible to preserve a rich treasure of art from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Sculptures are common in public places, and traditional crafts continue to live through the tourism industry.

  • Countryaah: Latest population statistics of San Marino, including religious profiles and major languages spoken as well as population growth rates in next three decades.

Mass Media

Many residents read Italian newspapers, but there are still some daily newspapers published in San Marino, including La Tribuna Sammarinese. The editions are very small. A few Italian local magazines also contain special pages for readers in San Marino. Political parties and organizations own newspapers that are published weekly or monthly. Several of the newspapers are on the Internet.

The state-owned San Marino RTV, co-owned by the state-owned Italian company RAI, broadcasts over a TV channel and two radio channels. San Marino also receives radio and television broadcasts from Italy. For San Marino public policy, please check petsinclude.


Percentage of the population using the internet

60 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

113 (2017)


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