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New Hampshire Newspapers List

List of major newspapers in New Hampshire featuring news and latest information on local politics, events, business, sports, education, jobs, and more. See following table for 24 New Hampshire local newspapers, each with official name, city location and Internet website address. All find related online resources that may help you living in or moving to the state of New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire Newspapers List

Newspapers Location Image Website
alt.Hudson Hudson, NH
Carriage Town News Online Kingston, NH
Colebrook Chronicle Colebrook, NH Colebrook Chronicle
Concord Monitor Concord, NH Concord Monitor
Conway Daily Sun North Conway, NH Conway Daily Sun
Eagle Times Claremont, NH
Fosters Daily Democrat Dover , NH
Granite State News Wolfeboro, NH
Hudson-Litchfield News Hudson, NH
Intertown Record North Sutton, NH
Keene Sentinel Keene , NH
Laconia Citizen Laconia, NH
Lancaster Herald Lancaster, NH
Milford Cabinet & Wilton Journal Milford, NH
Monadnock Ledger Peterborough, NH
New Hampshire Gazette Portsmouth, NH
Portsmouth Herald Portsmouth, NH
Seabrook's HomeTown Journal Seabrook, NH
Somersworld Somersworth, NH
The Berlin Daily Sun Berlin, NH
The Berlin Reporter Berlin, NH
The News and Sentinel Colebrook, NH
The Telegraph Nashua, NH
The Union Leader Manchester, NH
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New Hampshire may look small on the map, but its diverse regions offer a variety of destinations and attractions, from historic river valleys to towering peaks in the highest mountains in the Northeast. One of the must-see places there is Mount Washington, known for being one of the highest places in the United States.

The state is famous for its steep roads and its railways. Although it has an unpredictable climate, Mount Washington still attracts a lot of tourists who enjoy outdoor activities.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the smallest states with an area roughly the size of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Nature is very important here, whether hiking or camping in summer or skiing in winter. New Hampshire has 20 miles of oceanfront, and teenagers love spending their weekends on Hampton Beach. The largest city is Manchester with about 110,000 inhabitants and the capital is Concord. New Hampshire is particularly attractive due to its location in New England. The state borders Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the American province of Québec, and is only 80 km from Boston.

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