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Woodcarving is a common craft and at traditional parties dances often occur. Each state has its own form of pop music, a mix of traditional music and Western pop music.

In 2016, the UN agency Unesco included the prehistoric construction site Nan Madol on the World Heritage List. The complex is built on artificial islands in a lagoon off the island of Pohnpei and consists of stone palaces, temples, graves and houses. Nan Madol was the political and spiritual center of the so-called Saudi dynasty and was erected between the 13th and 16th centuries.

  • Countryaah: Latest population statistics of Micronesia, including religious profiles and major languages spoken as well as population growth rates in next three decades.

In all the islands except Yap, the residents are organized into matrilinear clans, where kinship is counted on the mother's side. The clans are still of great importance and are held together over great distances, even across national borders.

Culture of MicronesiaThe Micronesian communities have traditionally been highly hierarchical. Most often, the individual's position is determined by the customer affiliation, but in the state of Pohnpei the pattern differs in that the residents compete to get certain positions and titles. The traditional customs have now been mixed with more modern Western influences (see Customs and customs).


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