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Belize Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Belize

The spread of newspapers in Belize is limited. There is no daily newspaper. Of a few weekly newspapers, independent Amandala (circulation: about 45,000 copies) is the largest.

Belize Newspapers

The former state broadcasting company Broadcasting Corporation of Belize (BCB, founded 1937) was privatized in 1998. BCB's radio broadcasts are about 75% in English and otherwise in Spanish and local languages. There are also private radio stations and broadcasters broadcasting satellite programs from the United States. There are 613 radio and 183 TV sets per 1,000 residents (2000).


As a result of British colonial times, Belize culture has an Anglo-Saxon feel. It is more reminiscent of West Indian than of Central American culture. In parallel, there are also Spanish, Native American and Afro-Caribbean cultural traditions.

In many parts of the country, ruins of the Mayan settlements remain. One of the largest settlements is Lamanai in northern Belize, dating to 1500 BC.

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The music is mainly West Indian. The most common dance music is punta with features of soca and salsa. Andy Palacio (1960–2008) is the most famous musician. The internationally best-known Belizean writers are Zoila Ellis and Zee Edgell. For Belize public policy, please check proexchangerates.


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