6 Commandments of the Perfect Lipstick

Get to know a few tricks to make your lipstick flawless

The lipstick is the cornerstone of any makeup, and some care is necessary so that it has positive focus.

6 Commandments of the Perfect Lipstick 1

Know your ideal pitch, the correct way to apply, tricks to avoid blurry and tips to increase the duration, are some of the questions to have a mouth perfect.

Learn about the 6 commandments for you to keep your mouth always perfect:

1 – Hydration

The hydrating lip is the most important step to keep the mouth always impeccable at the time of application of the lipstick. The first step is to do an exfoliation home weekly on the lips using the following ingredients: A teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of honey. Mode of application: Mix well the two ingredients and pass gently on the lips in circular motions.

After exfoliation it is necessary to moisturize your lips. This step should be done every day with the lip balm of your preference.

2 – Tone lipstick ideal

It is necessary to know what is the natural tone of your lip to make the ideal choice of your lipstick shade. People with the lips more pale go well with shades of lipstick cherry red and coral. Those of the lips naturally pigmented, you can opt for shades of pink, orange, and red purplish. And finally, the lips darker, to match more with the tones of the brick and wine.

6 Commandments of the Perfect Lipstick 2

3 – the Nude ideal

The fashion of the mouth apagadinha came to stay, but some care is required in the choice of your color. The tone of your nude lipstick must be a shade more dark than your skin, or the most brilliant. People more white, for example, can bet on nude pink. Already the skin more brown, tom pulled over to the sand.

4 – Application

The application of lipstick makes all the difference in the final result. For those who do not have the practice to deal with the darker tones, the ideal is to use a brush, or a pencil outline to avoid blurred.

6 Commandments of the Perfect Lipstick 3

5 – Finish

This step is very important to give smoothness to the lips, correct possible blurred and take out the excess product. First use the trick of tissue paper touching the lips to the removal of the excesses. Then use a q-tip to clean around the lips. This step helps to soften the edges and remove possible blurred.

6 – Duration

To increase the effect duration of your lipstick we have two foolproof tips. The first is to reapply the product on your lips after you remove the excess with the tissue. The second and last step is to pass a fine bed of powder is translucent with a particular brush for powder.

Now you already know that in order to have a mouth impeccable are required some special care. Especially now in the winter the hydration of the lips must be constant to avoid that the lip is with appearance squamous.