5 Ideas to Illuminate the Bed of a Hotel with Wall Sconces

Original ideas for illuminating the bed of a hotel

There are several posts hetongdiy has written in order to give you practical ideas on how to illuminate hotels, ideas that will serve you both if you must illuminate one of new construction.

In this new, 5 ways to illuminate the head of the bed in a hotel room you want (if you read it you will see that these ideas are equally applicable to private homes lighting projects).

The images we are incorporating correspond to applique bed offering a pleasant light for reading or to create a comfortable environment: wall sconces with flexo, arm, mobile wall, modern fixtures and led fixtures.

There are several premises that we consider important in light of the side of a bed of a hotel (or housing): that airship, the light does not dazzle, the client or particular have the possibility to adjust it to your needs and preferences, and exclusive case of a hotel room lighting, luminaires that are incorporated to be durable and reliable. In addition to the above, we consider that they can be applied on the wall to let the free night table, and because there will always be under risk of breakage to be subject (details all of them affecting the quality of service as well as the implicit costs of maintenance)

There are many models of wall lamps of different styles and in general in all you have the fundamental premise led lighting both low power consumption and minimum maintenance.

5 including designs, the considaramos very attractions for its aesthetics and also highlight its functionality: practical, elegant and discrete wall sconces that fit in varied environments.

We hope that reading this post I have been useful and has provided you with practical ideas (! that tend to be so necessary!). Share this post on your social networks, and remember that we are at your disposal both by email and directly in our Studio lighting of Barcelona for any query that you require or to physically see the proposed luminaires.


Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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