3.11 Telegram, with Notable Stickers, Chats with Yourself and Other Improvements

Last updated Telegram has made us expect something more of the account (the last was in June, including the drafts), although perhaps the waiting was worth because the new features are quite numerous.

The News Telegram include changes in the stickers, the ability to chat with yourself to leave you notes, preview of groups before entering, a new interface to take photos directly with the camera, the preview of the contents of bots before it is sent, and sending of files faster.

Featured stickers

Since they came to the Telegram, the stickers have caused sensation. Unlike other applications, such as in LINE, in a Telegram they are all free and nobody really controls what is published, which I’m not saying that it is good, but results in a range where the only limit is the imagination.

There are plenty of stickers, but except for manual listings, bots and web pages, there is a unified way of seeing the different packages available. At least until now. Telegram 3.11 does not include actual stickers shop, but has something similar: a list with the stickers in trend, that is, the most used of the moment.

To access this list must touch icon stickers / emoticons and slide the upper icon bar to the left until you see the options button. Once there, you’ll find him playing in the section Featured stickers.

Another new option is the archived stickers, and it is that the limit of packets of stickers that you can add to Telegram at any given time are 200, and apparently that is not enough for some fans of the stickers. In this case, you can archive them to use less to recover them later.

Chat with yourself

Reading the name, can be funny or even a good additive for someone who does not have friends, but quiet, not being out there. The chat with yourself is a little trick to be able store in the cloud of Telegram text messages, images, voice clips, stickers or whatever. It is the same concept that we saw to replace Chrome to Phone.

I admit that I was already wearing time doing exactly the same thing, but sending messages to any bot. There really is no great improvement, beyond una formalization of this “hack” more than one had been using not only in Telegram, but in other applications.

To start a chat with yourself you should do the same thing to talk to anyone else. Simply get in contact list and start writing. The system is clever enough to make messages appear only once, and you are not notified as a new message.

Preview of groups

Sometimes it’s better to have a rough idea of to where you’re getting into before you get, and that is precisely what gets the preview of groups. Now, when you click on a link to join a group, instead of directly shows you a small window with information: the name and image of the Group and its members.

Joining a group, before and after

New interface for the camera and more

Take pictures directly from Telegram to include them in a chat is now pretty fast. The only thing you have to do is press the icon to attach something and you have a preview of the camera. Playing again, it opens quickly to full screen.

The bots have increasingly greater role in Telegram, and this update also has a small change for them. Before sending content by a bot, you can preview the images full screen, and hear the sounds.

These changes are now available on Google Play, and as usual have been launched so synchronized on different platforms in the official Telegram client for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Telegramvaria according to the device

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