15 Blockbuster Swimsuits Models For You to Enjoy the Summer

The Brazil is known throughout the world for its beautiful beaches and also by the beautiful Brazilian bikinis bearing the sands country.

However, next summer will be dominated by another piece, the swimsuit.

If you still have one foot out the door in use swimsuits at the beach, be aware that some models are quite fashionistas even help leave your most beautiful silhouette.

So let’s meet 15 swimsuit models to rock during the summer?

15 Swimsuit Models to rock on the beach

1. V neckline with front one piece swimsuit

A swimsuit model suitable for those who want to disguise the tummy and give prominence to the bust, according to thedressexplorer.

The V neckline front does not have to be very bold, if you feel uncomfortable with very deep necklines can opt for a more discreet version.

As the cleavage will draw a lot of attention already opt for swimsuit with part of the panties a bit bigger.

2. Bathing suit with decollete in back

If you prefer to use a bathing suit with front neckline more discreet can dare on the back.

Swimsuits with strappy back is quite high and who is concerned with the ‘ safety ‘ of the breasts in a play without the structuring of back the hint is to look for models that have passed handles.

3. Bathing suit with detail on the back

For those who like looks to face the fashionistas sands of the beach we recommend a swimsuit model who has some interesting detail on the back.

May be braided strips or even an apparently different from the handles. A type of swimsuit that doesn’t show much of the back as the model in the photo above.

4. Swimsuit cheats mom

In early 1960 many Brazilian youths wanted to go in a bikini to the beach, but their mothers wouldn’t let because it was considered immoral.

That’s when it emerged that model that is returning with everything for beachwear trends.

Basically it’s a bathing suit opened in the belly in order to be very similar with a bikini, but more charming.

5. Swimsuit bandeau

A swimsuit model that is best for women with small breasts, as in the case of breasts there is always the possibility the name come true.

To update this template that is present in the sands of the Brazilian beaches for years, it is interesting to choose versions with side cutouts like the image above.

6. crochet Swimsuit

Fashion in a way wide has sought in craft jobs something different to spice up their looks.

Parts of the beach are not outside and will also receive that touch more than special.

Crochet swimsuits models are increasingly frequent in beaches, can be cool reserve that kind of play for special occasions.

7. hang gliding Swimsuit

The delta wing model can refer to either the swimsuits as bikinis and refers to the shape of the panties that resembles a hang gliding being very dug.

A swimsuit like that leave a lot of your legs. For those who like the Bikinis by highlight more the butt can find this same quality in these swimsuits.

8. Swimsuit with fringes

The fringes are in a very positive phase in fashion, it’s been for jackets, sweaters, boots, handbags and now came to swimsuits.

For those who want a distinctive ring on your piece of swimwear to tip is to look for franjinhas. So it doesn’t weigh in visual the tip is to choose to tone parts closed.

9. long sleeve Swimsuit

For those who want to protect your arms from the Sun or even want a mind-blowing style on production can enjoy long-sleeved swimsuits.

In general this kind of piece has a generous neckline in the back to compensate for the amount of skin that covers. Worth the tip of these bathing suits can also be used as bodys in social situations.

10. Swimsuits with cutouts

For those who think that swimsuits are more coy than the bikinis, the tip is to check out the models with cutouts.

Some of these swimsuits are sexier than bikinis because they use clippings to give to understand the forms of the body.

In addition, are pieces that help disguise specific points of the body as the belly.

11. Swimsuit dress

Ideal for those who like swimsuit models with a retro footprint, the miniskirt on the underside of the piece helps keep the more delicate.

Make sure the swimsuit has a neckline or area that let more skin shows not to be lame. These templates are best suited for those who want to get rocking on the beach in terms of fashion.

12. Swimsuits with phrases

The most playful can bet on swimsuits with fun phrases to make your beach full of grace.

Choose a phrase that you represent and bring a broad smile to the sands. This type of play calls for more attitude and can also be used in social situations as a body.

13. Swimsuit with buckle

The swimsuits with buckles always appear as an option among the models of swimwear, the tip to update the look of your summer is to look for pieces that use this accessory to less obvious way.

In this case (pictured above) the application was made laterally, extra charm still helps take the focus of your tummy.

14. only one shoulder Swimsuit

Perfect for women who seek to print more elegance in your beach look.

This type of swimsuit back more charm to the look, especially when the idea of having a side handle is crafted in a more elaborated as in photo model.

Warning if you have breasts may have some difficulty with this type of swimsuit.

15.3D Swimsuit

3D bikinis made a resounding success after the exchanges that followed this idea look like a drawing. It was not long before the trend also came to swimsuits.

You can find versions with this fun to let your visual effect much more interesting and mind-blowing to enjoy the summer.

With so many cool ideas from swimsuits, we believe that the bikinis will stay longer in your drawer.