12 Hangouts Is The Spitting Image of That Google Even It Already Tries

Let us review the recent history of Hangouts, for now the main Google Messaging application and integrated into nearly any Android device and the web version of Gmail and Google +. Hangouts 7 included responses from notifications, Hangouts 8 improved notifications, Hangouts 9 does not exist, Hangouts 10 introduced support for Direct Sharing, and Hangouts 11 included the sending of video clips.

Now, between that we expect the imminent arrival of Google Allo and after the announcement that Hangouts redirecting more to the business public, We have the latest update do more? application: 12 Hangouts. What does again? Any revolutionary option? A redesign in the interface? Better performance? Well, maybe not, basically the only thing that is new is the possibility of send shruggies. 

It is the only visible change

It is as if the team’s Hangouts you were trying to tell us something through the “improvements” of the application. Perhaps a sort of plea for help desperately. “Help us, we are here working on an application destined to end up in the garbage!”. Maybe it’s just the general feeling of the team after seeing where going messaging shots on Google.

Whatever it is, if you want to send shruggies to your friends, all you have to do is write /shruggies and send it. This feature was already available in Hangouts on the web, but it is now when it appears also on Android. About time. Since you are, don’t forget to also write /ponies, although in this case the fun is only for your eyes, and does not send anything to your friends.

Android Police have been investigating the APK for clues of other improvements and the only thing that seems to be on the way is a better control of notifications, with various controls to receive important notifications only, as happens in other messaging applications. This isn’t activated today.

Notifications according to the importance of more personalized control block with the idea that Hangouts to focus more to the business public, but the idea of incorporating a shruggie in conversation with your boss when you ask about the monthly report isn’t exactly the best way to keep your job. In summary, the face that you have to install this update is more or less thus .