10 Tips to Pass Red Lipstick Perfectly

The lipstick has been with us for a long time. Lipstick red, however, is a great difficulty for many women (See how to choose the perfect red lipstick for you).

Know that you don’t have to be a superstar to display red lips, just a little know-how and some tips.

The classic red lipstick has been a trend for many decades and we bet he never goes out of fashion, as ehuacom says How about checking out our 10 tips to pass red lipstick so perfect?

1. Choose the Shade of Red is Right for You

Red is not just red. The tones can be different in different people.

I used to think that the lighter red and coral tones were more suitable for women of skin clear and dark tones were suitable for dark skins.

In fact, there are no rules about what shade of red lipstick will look better on you. You should try different tones and then choose that one you like.

2. Make a Slight Lip Scrub

Another hint of how to pass red lipstick perfectly involves a slight exfoliation of your lips with a soft toothbrush and a little coconut oil before applying the lipstick.

Make smooth movements on your lips to remove any dry or scaly skin that can ruin the application of lipstick.

Do not overdo it much in the exfoliation lips are sensitive and can be sore if you’re not careful.

3. Moisturize Your Lips

Pass a red lipstick without first hydrating the lips may not bring such good results (See how to moisturize dry lips).

Just apply a generous amount of lip balm or to Shea butter on the lips to hydrate them.

Scrub and wait about ten minutes for skin to absorb well. Then just remove the excess with a tissue.

4. Start with an Eyeliner for Lips

With an eyeliner in the same color of lipstick, draw the outline of the natural shape of the lips. Focus especially on the central part of the upper lip.

Apply the eyeliner before passing red lipstick will help define the area and prevent the lipstick go to.

5. Fill in Your Lips Using the Eyeliner

Painting inside of the outline that you just created using the eyeliner will help the lipstick last longer and also highlight color.

6. Finally, Apply the Lipstick

Time to draw red lipstick, we recommend that you rely on the help of a brush. This will ensure more control and more uniformity in the application. Be sure to apply it also in the inside corners of your lips, avoiding letting some part “naked”.

Apply your lipstick in the center of the lips and then pull the outer parts. Over time and with practice, you will realize that this is the best way to ensure a great uniformity in application.

7. Dry and Apply a Second Layer

Another tip to pass red lipstick so perfect is, dry (remove excess) the first layer with the help of a tissue paper and then apply a second layer. This process will help to increase the durability of the lipstick and will improve the color definition.

8. Attach the Lipstick Using Powder

Another way to pass red lipstick perfectly and make it last longer is by placing a thin piece of fabric on your lips and sprinkling a little transparent powder through that fabric. This will correct the lipstick and will cause the same last longer.

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9. Apply Concealer at the Edges of the Lips

Apply concealer at the edges of the lips will prevent the lipstick from spreading easily.

10. If Necessary, Apply Lip Gloss

If you are looking for the sexiest lips and bright, now is the time to apply lip gloss. You can also apply the gloss only at the center of your lips making them seem even more full and voluminous.


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