Zosi Security Camera System

The house is a refuge where people sleep every night, this place is the scene of many memories. It also contains numerous items that have more sentimental value than cash in term values. It is clear that we must protect his home vandals and burglars.

Deluxesurveillance advises you adopt a monitoring system to do this. However, it would be difficult for Mr. everyone to choose all the facilities they need to form one. To ease the task, professionals offer loans packs for use as the AG6-COMPLETE ALARM SYSTEM WIRELESS GSM. But this kind of kit does not meet the needs of people who want to secure the premises of medium size.

For this type of development, we recommend the Canal Zosi 8CH H.264. This all-in-one allows you to fully protect your home.

The characteristics of the article

Canal Zosi 8CH H.264 includes:

  • 8 surveillance cameras 700TVL Zosi
  • A digital video recorder Zosi
  • A remote control
  • Various installation accessories and food.

The cameras are ideal for monitoring around your home. They withstand the elements and offer high-definition video. These lookouts can film both day and night. Indeed, they are equipped with infrared LEDs that keep good image quality even in total darkness.

The DVR gives you the option to store your own records after purchasing one or more hard drives. This device allows you to centrally manage surveillance cameras. Once it’s connected to your home network, you can view live video from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, this model is suitable for all browsers and all mobile operating systems.

Our impressions

This gives an effective monitoring system that can secure a sufficiently large area. 8 surveillance cameras can be spread around your house or, why not, also inside. More complete than the AXIS M1054 Surveillance Kit Camera, this package allows you to keep an eye on every corner of your home.

However, we regret that the manufacturer did not provide a hard drive. That would have helped people who can not choose the right storage device models. however it will buy one for yourself to store your videos. This will also save you from spending money to hire the services of a web host.