ZioZia, a Korean Company with Great Potential to Exploit Unknown

ZioZia It is surely unknown to many of you but this is a firm with an incredible potential that is making its appearance on the market with an overwhelming and force prepared to compete with other large companies in the sector. First of all it would be logical that we introduce it. His style can be framed in what we call a casual chic or a preppy style. Very classic designs, with hints of summer and looks quite similar to what we find in firms such as Lanvin or Prada or without resorting to ready-to-wear signatures, Massimo Dutti and Adolfo Domínguez.

The good thing about this collection is his renewed spirit that brings closer us to top materials quality in several collections capsule framed within the collection Spring-summer 2011. A first, undoubtedly bet on the winning horse especially if we talk about the trends of last season as they are the navy style and urban preppy.

The stripes they are its main ally to which combine with blazers of shades, jackets in tones of linen, cotton and corduroy azulones, Bermuda in the same style, with cuts above the knees and elements and accessories such as borsalinos, the foulards or nautical which without a doubt are the final hallmarks of this style.

A casual style but it remains the guidelines of the young gentleman imposed today favored by series like Gossip Girl or Glee (look like bullshit but is a truth as a temple). In summer, white together with tones ivory the creams and the earthy, better see the light in the form of loose costume pieces as American or blasiers.

However, if we bet on complete sets of costume, the options are diversified and we find ourselves with a potentially emerging firm and quite a few possibilities. Italian courts, grayscale marengos, simple buttons and simple figures.

It flees from the artificiality and are preferred the two parts integrated into the set and possibility to use separately. Hence many of the sets are skewed to chromatically speaking. Add-ins in this type of outfits are also essential. As we can see, necktie steals enough prominence to bow tie.

Even in the warm clothes we find proposals quite affordable as the trench coats, gabardines, or the American lining. It’s not innovative and since then we’ve already seen it before but the presence of a few cuts so refined and youth as well as doses of color that enters your designs (which signatures similar to it as) Burberry do not) is that less than laudable.

In short, a very fresh and youthful collection in which we can surely find inspiration for some of our more preppy or nerd looks, and bad we can always do with some of the garments that we offer to start our particular design.