Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010

The Zenec E > GO reads significantly more data via CAN-bus as other fixed installation Navis. With success?

The Zenec E > GO ZE-NC2010 (1099 EUR) is the pioneer in the vehicle-specific Naviceivern. It reads much more data on the CAN-bus connection of the car than others.

With speedometer connection

The result: It is not only the steering wheel remote control of the golf VI approached, but also the multi function display seated centrally in the speedometer. So be here reading the navigation arrows or the distance to the next point of the bend.

All the menus of the E > GO are uniformly designed: the change from the main menu in the navigation mode is almost unnoticed. The navigation is wonderfully fluid and easy to operate. The flat menu structure saves a long search messy.

Unfortunately missing shortcuts or a home button; latter would have accelerated the operation once again. So you must shimmy up again via the back button in the main menu.

The mask function simplifies the input of street and city names. When operating the two generously sized knobs noticeable positive left and right: with them arriving during the drive easily to the radio, or in the phone menu.

While you lose the navigation from the eye: while the individual features are visually strictly separated in many other Naviceivern, a simple view of the arrow can be used for the Zenec in the other menus show. And if you have the optional VW multi function display MFA +, can be also there is still the main navigation elements.

First, the card can be present in 2 – and 3-D. On the left are the most important travel information such as the distance to the destination or the arrival time.

TMC-Pro is available as an option

The Zenec E > GO dominated TMC so that the driver can see also congestion lying on the track. Pushing on the storage icon, follow detailed information such as traffic jam length and a display on the map. And who can unlock TMC is too vague, located on www.zenec.naviextras.com TMC-Pro. The license in this Web shop for 49.95 euro is for Germany.

On the test track, the Zenec E proved > GO as reliable pilot, not least because his well-timed voice instructions. However, it can happen that the names of some streets slightly bumpy sound out of the speakers. Who relies entirely on voice prompts, must get accustomed in addition that the Zenec statements are not “turn now”.

The routing is lace: the Navi virtually error-free directed us to the destinations on our test track. Especially in large cities and on Urban motorways the signposts with lane departure were helpful, as well as the 3-D representation: in foreign cities you can orient yourself to distinctive points. However, it can happen that the map view by the common occurrence of these helpers has a somewhat cluttered. To do this, even the slightly rough appearance is its part. Although the sculptures while driving past on the screen will be transparent, they can something murky the overview. But otherwise: top!