You Know to Differentiate Diffuse Light, Direct and Indirect?

When it comes to lighting, we know that each environment has a characteristic that helps identify the type of light most appropriate. Know basic information about the equipment before buying it is a way to purchase the right product and enjoy better lighting.

You Know to Differentiate Diffuse Light, Direct and Indirect

To differentiate diffuse light, direct and indirect, is a point that will help you choose the lamp ideal for the proposed environment. Not to obtain this type of information before purchasing a lot of people end up installing products inadequate and failing to take advantage of good lighting.

To help you make the right choice the next time you buy bulbs. We distinguish below the following three basic types of light. Check out the functionality of each one and find out the ideal type for your goal.

Indirect Light

The light reflection

The proposal of indirect light is to illuminate evenly , without that the light is directed directly to the spot desired. In this case the lamp must be directed at surfaces that reflect the luminous flux and spread out in the environment.This type of lighting offers a more intimate space and comfortable visually.

The sconces and spots can be used in this case and should be positioned in strategic places so that the reflection if you obey and follow in the environment.

Direct Light

The lamp featured!

Unlike the indirect lighting, the direct light is directed exactly on the surface that needs lighting. The luminous flux of this type of lighting is specifically directed to the object or area of emphasis. You can use bulbs of this type to render a corner of the studies, for example, in this case the ideal product would be a desk lamp. Even if you can use the directional light to highlight the decorative objects.Lamp shades can emphasize or soften a corner, and pendant lamps can give emphasis to the details on the walls or to illuminate the corridors with little flow of movement.

The Diffuse Light

The lighting versatile

At the same time decorative and functional, the lamp diffuse is the most versatile of all. Are lamps that adorn, but do not leave to be desired in the luminous flux. The idea is not to make the atmosphere intimate, but rather, to provide the light with uniformity and intensity without losing the richness in details that make it differential. The diffuse light can be used in any environment and to bet on in this type of lighting, just use sconces or light fixtures manufactured in milky glass or white fabric.

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