Yoga with Your Pet, Total Relaxation

I don’t have pet, only a centenarian turtle, and it can not do this, but all those that you have dog, sure that at some point you’ve thought of this: doing yoga with your pet.

If we have already seen almost everything for pets, from fashion more chic, to hotels and residences for them, today I present a new activity of luxury with your teammates. For the time being, held in Campingship, Seattle and Manhattan, but I’m sure it’s coming soon to our country.

Consists in therapies for pets and owners, relaxation, exercises to join more rest in contact, meditation, and by the pictures of these dogs, seriously, they seem to really quiet and relaxed.

The classes, there at least, they are priced at about 15 to 20 euros, but I imagine that first you must have your pet dominated by those of group classes.

All comments of owners are very favorable, so if you decide to relax and do it with your pet, please, tell us about it.

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