Xperia Togari, The Name and Some Data of The Smartphone of 6.44 Inches Sony

At the beginning of week he jumped the rumor of a so-called smartphone from Sony with a screen above all views so far regarding smartphone, more than the 6.1 the Mate Huawei Ascend or the rumored Galaxy Note III, with a 6.3 estiradisimas 6.44 inches.

It was clear that after seeing the previous steps with the Xperia Z than this colossal smartphone tablet mutated has to display a screen resolution FullHD, nothing new here. As well, it has today leaked the codename of this smartphone – remember that was called the Xperia Z Yuga until not long – that will be Xperia Togari.

But it is not there, and that this smartphone is said that it will come with no less than the new processors Snapdragon 800 to no less than 2.3 GHz, you are scheduled to depart from the half of the year with a yield around 75% higher than the current S4 Pro and a more reduced consumption.

Furthermore, it is said that Exmor RS that Sony already mounted on your Xperia Z, and some would come with the expected 13 megapixels sensor generous 3GB of RAM, being the first terminal with such amount of memory to appear on the horizon, and a more appropriate Tablet battery with 3500 mAh.

Well, all this with the addition of own connectivity expected: LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. While this is still a rumor, so although after hearing this Xperia Z we know little, will have to wait until well into the second half of the year to confirm it.