Wool Sweaters for The Cold Days

When comes the cold, one of the best clothes to combat it are the wool sweaters. Easy to wear, comfortable and above all warm. As always, the low-cost companies are our saviors and most recurrent shops to choose our favorite design. Mango you have them all models and styles.

The shirts are easy to match, especially with jeans. This year are long, ideal to wear with leggings of cotton or leather. The diversity of designs is endless. Since the shirts of stronger wool with retro prints up to of asymmetric long, o multi color.

Two of the most original see them in this image, one long asymmetrical and one smooth sleeves and retro body.

The twists in the form of eight small you’ll see them in most of the stores and almost all colors in nude and Earth. Handle bet by bright colours and add red and Fuchsia to your collection.

The latest trend is the Christmas sweaters, which I already wrote in another post on Medicinelearners.

There are serious, with some studded detail for that they are not boring, that blends cotton and wool. It is the case of this design gray, perfect to combine with a pencil skirt. Can be sexy and not get cold

For the nights There are also options that blend fabrics. For example this model handle with silver grille details.