Women’s Short Coats & Jackets

Short coats for women: Find helpful answers to customer questions.

Which figure short coats are particularly useful?

Short coats are perfect for small women. With a short cut you can to bumble optically a few centimeters, compress long coats, however, and make additional smaller. It is important that the sheath terminates a few centimeters above the knee, then he has the perfect length for small women. Anyone who has a long torso and short legs, should also pick up the short coat, because that blends best with your figure.

Which car coats are curvy women?

Curvy women are with models properly in A-line shape. For coats, the downward become wider from the waist, flattering and caress small Problem areas. A waist belt conjures a narrow middle, creating contour. Moreover row Coats are recommended. Straight coats or close contoured shapes other hand, would a strong buttocks or thighs too much stress, it is not recommended.

What women should consider very bust?

Women with large bust should avoid high-collared coats and coats in the Empire style and rather resort to single-row versions with V-neck. This put a large bust beautiful in scene. A narrow lapel, which tapers towards the hips, stretches further and thus concealed a large breasts.

Which character type is a duffle coat?

The duffle coat is a single-breasted wool coat in the box section with toggle closures made of wood or horn. He particularly fits women with dainty Waist or androgynous figure through these details in the chest area. Women with broad shoulders and the Y character type is not recommended this jacket shape since the duffle coat the shoulder area emphasizes the boxy mold especially.

How to combine a short coat?

The short coat goes with any outfit – from the dress on the Send suit or a sporty casual everyday look. However, the shell section should harmonize with the cut of your outfit: A wide coat fits loose-fitting dresses and wide trousers. Under a tight jacket you should wear figure-hugging outfits like leggings, skinny jeans or Shift. A simple short coat, you can upgrade with accessories and new continue to set the scene: leather gloves and solid color scarves and shawls are elegant. Brightly colored gloves, hats and scarves to underline the casual leisure look.

Women's Short Coats & Jackets

Further information:

Types: knitted coat, duffle coat, down coat, wool coat, quilted coat, parka.

Materials: wool, cotton, quilted, down, fleece, leather, faux fur, faux leather, linen, corduroy, soft shell.

Short coats – a very versatile jacket form

Short coats keep warm and offer great freedom of movement. In baur.de you will find a wide selection of dresses fashionable short coats made of different materials. A quilted coat in easy-care synthetic fibers with cuddly fleece lining, you can easily use the washing machine. He watches jeans particularly chic and provides excellent protection against freezing temperatures and snow.

Women's Short Coats & Jackets

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Short coats of woolen fabrics look elegant and fine. Baur offers modern coats as classical Pea Coats large lapel collar, double row of buttons and decorative straps on the sleeves. A short coat in wool look you also get a youthful duffle coat with the typical toggle buttons, flap pockets and a large hood. Ladylike and feminine act short coats in blazer cut, fit well with a business suit.