Women’s Footwear without Heels

We have spent several seasons with the reign of heels, happy that like the sandals and boots of spring-summer heights. Although they are precious and ultra-femeninos models, is finally going to make justice: make way to the trend in flat shoes.

It has shyly begun last year, other firms have always had the dancers present their collections, but from now on, will be sharing scene. Fashion in footwear for this Spring-summer 2010 moves from one extreme to another: high-heeled or flat shoes.

There are many advocates of the femininity of the flat shoes. Donna Karan has a battle with Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo open at this point, a strong advocate of the flat shoe. In the bottom picture, sandals sport its new collection in blue style.

In reality, they are not the best example I’ve found. The dancers Chanel main photo represent exactly my idea of feminine flat shoe. Made in white grille and black patent leather, are more chic. Printed sample brand buckle discreetly.

A designer in love always from the flat footwear is Hbbltd. He has been Ambassador to the current trend: father of the stiletto which thrilled women and men, the dancers moved are the opposite that has defended collection after collection. It should be once again his year.

There is an Italian brand that literally flees heels: the Tod’s Gommini they have trended for seasons and they have gotten away with it. This new season of Sun can go flat (that means that they will have maximum about 10 mm of heel) and fashion. The Tod’s photo are also in the new collection and performed in python fuscia: fantastic.

More suffer at all times: only carry vertiginous heel Sandals when you decide it. Happy season, female feet!.