With This Watch You Can Customize up the Belt

Advanced clocks not only provide notifications and applications connected to the mobile. They have a very important aesthetic point where personalization offers many possibilities.

Not only in the screen with all kinds of watch faces, having a universal (and extrudable) belt makes it possible for us to do it more.

In this context, a group of designers has launched FES Watch. An advanced clock in its own way. It does not have an ecosystem of apps designed for it nor does it allow us to read the messages of the mobile. However, it is the first model that offers us absolute personalization in both the sphere and the wrist according to CHRONOLOGICALWATCHES.

The entire outer part of the watch is composed of an electronic ink screen. Each time you press a button, you can customize both the sphere where the time and the appearance of the belt are displayed. Patterns that mimic the texture of the skin, the fabric among many of the options it offers.

In fact, the clock has an accelerometer and when we turn it to look at the time it will turn on to show us the time and also the choice of strap we have made. When carrying black and white screen the only thing we have is the guarantee that the battery will last for many days.

FES Watch is not an artistic concept, its creators are finalizing their release and the first units should arrive in stores in May 2015. Much design, a curious technology but it is certainly not the best option if we want a device Of doll that is paired with our mobile.