With the Smartwatch of Will

Three months ago Will.i.am (singer and designer of all kinds of objects) was planning to present his smartwatch to the world.

It could not be in July and everything indicates that this week will be when, at last, teach the world his intelligent clock. Apple, Samsung, Motorola and company have been a new competitor.

For now the ex Black Eyed Peas has not released the name of his creation but he has explained its functions. As I explained, we are facing a similar device on the top-end features of Samsung, the Gear S . In addition, it has a very curious function: to make of DJ with him.

Independent And Focused On Music

As Will.i.am explains, your watch has a curved color display and is completely independent of a phone. In fact, it comes with a SIM card slot since from it we can make phone calls and open applications like Facebook and Instagram. Saving the distances, is a concept similar to the one proposed by Samsung: have a wrist device that works without having to worry about a smartphone according to ScienceDict.

In your memory you can store music that can be used to send to other devices and to play as if we were DJs. What you have not specified is how this connection will work and what requirements will be needed to be able to use it for this purpose.

The device is quite large and in size reminiscent of a Samsung Gear S with the widest strap. A few weeks ago I met the singer at a Lexus event in Paris and I was able to corroborate that it is not exactly a small smartwatch. That yes: also asked us not to take pictures of the device.

The only unknown remaining is the price and distribution. The advanced clock will be unveiled at a San Francisco event that celebrates Salesforce just after the Apple celebrates in this city. Possibly your goal will not be to compete with other smartwatch platforms but we will follow the track to see how this accessory works.