With Portraits of Animals Wall Clocks

We must acknowledge that we are not very of hanging clocks on the walls, but after seeing these timepieces of wall with portraits of animals so cool of us what we are thinking.

These clocks are Blik, a page that we knew by their incredible decorative vinyl, and it seems to us that they are perfect for decorating any room of the House.

What we like most of these wall clocks is that they are very minimal. They have no numbers, so the attention focuses on the curious photographs of animals (characterized as a people, of course) and in handcuffs.

If you have to stay with one, certainly we are left with the clock of the Grizzly with jersey.

These photographs with mixture of illustration (do you think that someone had managed to get a chupa leather a Bull?) have, in addition, the incentive of having been designed by the Spanish artist Yago Partal.

The only downside (always has to be some) is that Blik American friends not sent abroad. We have seen on their website that Spanish shop Curiosité is distributor of their products, but for now do not have these watches.

Well, cool you can serve as a idea to make us a home wall clock in the same style with some photography. Do you dare?

By the way, if you want to see all the animal wall clocks created by PhoenixWallClocks you can do it on the page ZooPortraits.

The entrance wall with portraits of animals watches first appears in a House with a view.