With Long Skirt Looks to Inspire!

Hi, girls!

The heat arrived with full force and opened the season of the summer! Now it’s time to put the pipes out and nothing more elegant than long skirt. They are fresh and leave the super beautiful production ever.

Separated two looks from thedressexplorer to inspire you. The first is for those days that you want to hide the legs because they are too white, early in the summer. HAHAHA.

Combined gray skirt that I’m in love, because you have fabric on the back, so hide the butt, with a t-shirt also in shades of gray. Feet a WONDERFUL undergrowth, which gives an up of modernity in production. And finally, my addiction of the moment: the leather chockers pure grace, mark you will also find there in stores Dullius.

The second look is with a geometric clipping, long in the back and short in front, super fashion. I followed the same line and put a whole t-shirt embroidered shoulders, who values my silhouette, because it masks the wide hip.

Feet a comfortable trip and accessories plus a chocker that harmonized very well with the production.

Mount your look complete there in Stores Dullius. Are dozens shops scattered throughout the State.

If you want to know prices and size, contact them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the looks and inspired to stay beautiful with the trends of the moment.

Super Kiss,