Wikipad 3D Tablet

The name might suggest the popular free encyclopedia but that is not the case: in reality we are talking about a very particular product officially launched at CES in Las Vegas; maybe nothing revolutionary but definitely something different from what the competition is presenting these days.

As you can see from the image of openness, the peculiarity of the tablet is to get display (8 inches) with 3D technology that does not require special glasses; and it doesn’t stop there: the tablet comes with a docking station that adds buttons dedicated to the world of gaming(hence the our title). Imagine then to play on a 3D display (definitely wider than a Nintendo 3DS) using the physical buttons and with our beloved green robot to act as support.

The information about the hardware features are somewhat limited and they do not come from the official site but by The Verge, which has got to “get their hands” at CES in Las Vegas. We find aboard a single-core CPU (and here many may distort the mouth) from 1.2 GHz with 2 GB of RAM (the first tablet to Russian nuclear technology) and 8 GB of internal memory; no news on the GPU used by WikiPad. The display has a resolution of 1280 × 800 points, bright and well defined, but with the common defect of being a real “magnet for prints.”

Other technical equipment will be the presence on Board of an HDMI output, micro USB, microSD, front and rear camera (2 Megapixel). Android System? ICS 4.0, what a question!Question actually, given the many products featured with Gingerbread or Honeycomb.

The tablet seems increasingly, The Verge, get along very well with the playback of videos in 1080 p in 3D. Also the trial version was equipped with the “Gaikai”, one of the direct rivals of Onlivecloud gaming service over which we presented a few weeks ago.

The information there will destabilise more will undoubtedly be the price: 249 $ bundled with the dock to play. The question to ask is: “come in Italy?”.

We leave you with a gallery (the shots are the same device but in two different versions, one of which is labeled “developer kit”) that shows him at different angles (although none of these shots, we see some game to test) and with the link to the official website.