Why Was the iPhone 5S-Event Not Streamed

Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook has just in an email to staff members told why yesterday’s event was not shown live, as many expected.

Apple has streamed their latest events on, among other things, Apple TV, and via iTunes. Therefore, many also expected that this would be the case with the press conference this year. But this was so not streamed live.

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple, has a mail out to the staff explained that the reason for the presentation of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c not aired live was because it was held in the Town Hall in Cupertino, which is a small place. It writes our site.

-“W (e) made these announcements in Town Hall here in Cupertino this morning. It is a small venue which limits our ability two show the keynote live across campus and two other locations as we like to do. The event is now available two stream on apple.com, so I hope you will take time to watch it, ” sounds in the mail from Tim Cook.

Tim Cook also thanked the many Apple employees for their hard work on both iOS, iPhone 5 c 7 and iPhone 5S. You can read the whole message here.