Why I Don’t Wear Bra

“Cover this breast that I can’t see.” Mercy.

For several years now I don’t wear bra and I regularly get a lot of questions about the why and how but also had joy to receive bad judgments and hear great ideas received on the subject of my more or less close. Since it is a topic little discussed, I’m (almost) never deflected but I however decided to share with you my experience of breast and NIPPLE free (tremble phobics and censureurs of the nipple, here I would make his praise and will try to the best of dedicated him!)

By comfort? Sensuality? Because I am a p * tain hippie? Because I am part of a cult of teton pseudo feminist? Or have I just completely nothing to do?

Promised, 4 years my breasts have not lost their elasticity and have my toes dangerously close any despite their evolution (I went from a 90 c to 90 for a 90 to a 90 d c B and finally to a 90B: contraception, all of it.) On the contrary, my apples pears have never been so firm.

The Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon (like what you can wear a not very flattering name and have success in life) calls into question the interest of the BRA after completing a 15-year study, 320 women aged 18 to 35 years old.
To over the years, by taking measures, he noted that women who wore Bras had a firmer breast and a nipple dating back more than those who were.

How that?
The bra could fit in the category of therightbras. And according to you, what happens when wearing an orthotic without real need? I don’t have to tell you: the protected body becomes fragile.
Contrary to popular opinion, the breast has a natural ability to hold themselves in place alone. Without the stimulation of gravity and all the forces of movements, tissue wither, soften, breast loses its vitality, which you can see > facilitates the onset of PTOSIS.

Ligaments of Cooper? What is this?
They are naturally present ligaments to keep the chest in a ‘suspensory NET. Basically, it’s the BRA natural breasts, capable of supporting their weight. Nature is well done, guys!

Good… Despite this great invention, with age (and age 18!), the natural relaxation of ligaments of Cooper, in the same way as the skin, down the breasts AND YOU NOTHING Y CAN !
On the other hand, wear a bra on a regular basis weakens its structure and makes the fall.

This argument… is based on ignorance and hypocrisy. Native tribes? But who are we talking about? It is as if you said “Blacks, whites, the…» ». There is so much, their cultures are so different from each other and scoop: they do not all have the breasts falling!

There are several reasons for this relaxation of the chest, among them: lack of hydration, the exposure to the sun cults (such as breast ironing*). It’s also a technique of breast-feeding for working women > after crowded their breasts in adolescence to create the tissue release, they find themselves able to breastfeed their babies in the back while working. Well Yes, we don’t have all the right to maternity leave.

As I have reported you, wearing the BRA no longer allows to stimulate the ligaments of Cooper who gets so in dodo mode. If you wear a bra since adolescence and you decide not to, they naturally send you a wizz (generation MSN.) to tell you that there is something that does not (as when you are not returned to the fitness industry for several months and you decide to resume at the same rate/level too hard.)

In order to do not brutalize them, you used your beautiful melons slowly by slowing their rebounds by alternatives (headbands, tops of sport etc.)Over time, you will find that you will have no more pain and EVEN your breasts find a certain tone and firmness they had lost.
Still do not expect a miracle, you most of your teenage years.

Bra and health

When I asked my friends Facebook freeboobs what were the reasons that caused them to stop wearing the BRA, a lot of them have answered me that it was a reason of comfort.
So I first realized I owned very little of masochistic girlfriends: no, feel compressed by wearing his underwear brands, breathing with difficulty and face frames in the skin are not pleasant. It is also one of the reasons (and not least!) why I don’t wear a bra every day, but it’s primarily for health reasons.

Wearing a bra may interfere with the small lymphatic vessels. Compressing them, this can lead to an accumulation of lymph that is usually discharged by its tiny vessels. (The lymph is a fluid that carries waste, bacteria etc. A toxic liquid, what!) When the lymphatic vessels are closed, there are fewer nutrients and oxygen that can be brought to the cells while the toxic waste are not eliminated.
A link with breast cysts? A cyst is an accumulation of fluid and fiber, they appear as hard lumps in the breast tissue and even if still no study proves that the BRA can be a cause of breast cancer, don’t forget to remind that a cyst, it may be or become.

Good guys, let it be said once and for all: everyone has nipples! I know, it’s crazy.

At first, it took me to get used to the perverse looks and arrogant accusing some women since looks here, and some men in Lille, he doesn’t do well often hot and so in these cases > > TETON PEAK < < (no promised, this isn’t your presence that makes me anything else.)

Now, and for some time already, I expose myself even topless on beaches (with cream to hydrate and avoid the loosening of the skin caused by the Sun) to avoid the unsightly traces of tanning for my taste and because MY GOD it’s good to bathe without top bath!

And surprise: I was thinking that men would be more curious against my exposed to light mosquito bites, I found myself more often facing the eyes of women who, according to some testimony, compared and décomplexaient is the image of perfect, completely round and curved breast, that society teaches us.

Those who know me know o how I struggle with censorship and the demonization of the female nipple are facing on a daily basis. Whether by this woman who is disturbing because she is breastfeeding in a public place, by these shortcuts “If you show your nipples on the internets, you’re a…» »

Return to the main definition: “the nipple or mammary papilla (or nipple in the colloquial) designates the small part protruding and pigmented skin located on the front of the thorax, bilateral (…) Its function is essentially, in women, the excretion of breast milk during breastfeeding. »

What you do next in your minds only look at you.

I think my side support throat push up/amp form is more easily vulgar or deactivate a chest and nipples free.

Finally, if the appearance of your nipples in latter mind: you can always overlay layers of clothing, use of nippies when you put the necklines or low-rise clothing and even use a headband.

By knowing these facts, women should she get rid of their bra and burn like did the activists of the 1970s? Not necessarily.
I did it, it is a choice and I feel more free, physically and spiritually in this way (the return of this p * cking hippie) but if you feel good with, use it, but don’t forget that it is used less, better it is for health.