Why Google Gives Priority to Countries with The Nexus 4?

This week we have witnessed again a regrettable Google show, to sell brand-new Nexus 4 and see how the stock is exhausted in 12 minutes. Without however in other countries, such as Germany, close country, remains stock at the moment. Why Google gives priority to some countries against others?

What we all want to know… why?

The first theory is that Spain is already a territory Android, and Google focuses their efforts in selling subsidized (or with minimum margin) terminals in places where Apple has good market share. This theory would be backed by the movement to replicate Motorola on strategic sites.

The second theory that occurs to me is that really Google earn money with Android through two sources: advertising applications and Google Play sales. For each sold terminal these revenues increase. But if Spain is a country in which Google Play sales are low and the advertising sector is by the suelso. A terminal sold in another country gets more profitable to Google. I have no data from this comment, it is just a theory.

Either way, if Spain does not interest to Google, why sell its terminals here? Let us remember that the Nexus 4 is only sold in USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Canada. I mean, We are in the top 8 Google, only do us not much case. I think that being a country in crisis makes us unattractive, but on the other hand we are a captive country of Google. The penetration of smartphones is very high, almost all Android, and in addition we are a country where the market share of Google searches has traditionally been brutal. Google has to spoil the Spanish market, devote attention, but faced with a shortage of resources decided to prioritize.

When will we have stock?

If we had not the economic situation that we have, with the number of Android powered smartphones that exist in Spain, Google sales soar (Google Play, advertising) and surely would have more stock the Nexus 4. This is not going to happen in the short term and therefore only have a stable stock when there are sufficient units for countries where Google wants to grow feed.

Despite all this, I think that the other day Google made a major strategic mistake. It is better that there is criticism for not putting stock than for stock and that runs out in 12 minutes. The image that this situation and the lack of explanation is harmful.