When Can Baby Start Leaving Home?

When the baby is born the worries only increase, because, there are many doubts related to the creation of small, such as when the baby can leave the house for the first time.

When Can Baby Start Leaving Home

The pregnancy period is full of worries and insecurities not only with the health and development of the baby but also of his mother, as the woman undergoes many physical and emotional changes.

A common question among all parents, regardless of their age, is the correct age for the baby to start leaving home.

When can the baby start leaving home?

Some parents wait three months to show the world to their children, others wait a few days to take the child to the street.

The correct thing is to wait 2 months, because in those 60 days of life, he is already breastfeeding and breast milk provides antibodies against infectious diseases, has already taken the main vaccines and is beginning to protect itself thermally.

Because of all these reasons, the parents can not leave with the baby before 7 days and neither the mother because she is recovering from the delivery.

Risks during ride

When going out with the baby you should not only take into account the age, but also the choice of location.

According to pediatricians it is necessary to avoid the contact of the child with infectious agents, so, avoid closed places and with many people, especially if they are infected with viruses and bacteria.

Places like malls and supermarkets are forbidden for babies.

Another very important item that should be taken into account at the time of the baby’s first ride is the weather. Both cold and heat require care.

During the cold warm the child with a coat, blanket, glove and cap, but be careful not to choke on the baby. In the heat, use light clothing in the baby that allows good ventilation.

In hot weather the mother should hydrate herself, so as not to harm the milk, so she should drink plenty of water.

Tips for getting out with the baby for the first time

Carry a full purse with wet wipes, baking cream, hygiene supplies, water, diapers, a change of clothes and whatever else you want;

Take the baby for a walk outdoors;

Dress the baby according to the local climate;

Have a jar of alcohol in gel. Pass the baby if it touches objects of community use.

So if you have a newborn at home, expect him to complete two months of life and follow all the tips, so you can go out with him on the street for the first time.