What’s New in The Rates of Data in Roaming in Vodafone

In June, Vodafone improved some of their data rates and now updates the rest of roaming options for when we travel outside Spain by establishing three different zones independent of the operator to connect us.

The zone 1 It includes the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland; the zone 2 the rest of the world and zone 3, some exceptions such as Afghanistan, Anguilla, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Colombia, Cuba, Dominica, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Grenada, Haiti, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Macedonia, Maldives, Mauritius, Montserrat, Nagorny, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Panama, Qatar, Dominican Republic, Samoa, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Santa Lucia, San Vicente and the Grenadines, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turks and Caicos.

The rates are in the following way:

  • Rates from computer internet by default for prepaid: €5 /MB in zone 1, €10 /MB in area 2 and €15 /MB in zone 3 tarificando always in stages of 100 KB.
  • Rates from computer internet default contract (particular and company): it is of the daily rate launched in June in which you pay only when you connect a fee for each 50 MB. The daily fee is €12 in zone 1, € 30 in area 2 and €85 in zone 3 Although customers who prefer it (for those who consume less) can activate the same fee that prepaid them.
  • Monthly rate for the internet from computer: includes 200MB to distribute among all the connections of the month for €60 in area 1 and 120€ in zone 2.
  • WAP rates for the internet from mobile phones: €10 /MB in zone 1, €15 /MB in area 2 and €20 /MB in zone 3 tarificando always in stages of 100 KB.
  • WAP rates from the mobile Internet with Passport activated: €0.50 + Passport fee every 2MB (i.e., €1.49 / 2MB in area 1 and € 2.99 / 2MB in zone 2).
  • Daily rate for email mobility: Rate enabled by default customers of Blackberry, Royal Mail service, Lite eMail and Windows Mobile in which you pay only when you connect a share for each 10 MB. The fee is £ 5 in zone 1, € 10 in area 2 and €30 in zone 3.

Despite having several options all tariffs have been simplified and it is now easier to know what you’re going to pay when traveling outside Spain. Just need to transfer rumours and Vodafone are met simplify and improve their national data rates as customers demand from some time now than at present the operator account with more than 20 different prices that often are impossible to activate the complexity involved the existence such rate.