What You Lack to WhatsApp to Match to Telegram?

WhatsApp has recently ventured into unknown territory to include functions that we thought that never would, like for example the GIF animated, the messages format or the native Windows client. Thus, while a few months ago was clear that in the battle WhatsApp-Telegram the first took the Palm in terms of users and the second in terms of functions extra, Today, the result is not so clear.

Did he get WhatsApp approaching Telegram in functions Since its development has accelerated in some way? Because the truth is that Yes, although there are still a few functions for Telegram who’d that come also to WhatsApp, as the following.

The use of the cloud

The cloud is always a controversial choice and is that everyone knows the saying that “the cloud is not more than the PC of another person”. The infrastructure of WhatsApp messages within the shortest possible time on your servers-based advantages with regard to the Privacy and security, but it also has its drawbacks.

However, from a purely practical point of view, the cloud is enormous utility in Messaging. Have all posts saved and stored, ready to receive from any device is undoubtedly an advantage in these times where usually you have many devices and switch between them frequently.

In Telegram everything is saved so you do not need to make backup copies

The cloud on WhatsApp deficiency is the cause of two of their problems. The first, the backup, a process cumbersome and poorly carried out. The second, the possibility that WhatsApp had native versions for Windows, Mac or Web without having that Depending upon the mobile to synchronize messages.

Will it end WhatsApp making the leap to the cloud? Today I see it a little complicated, but my prediction is that in the end, sooner or later, and if you want to continue to be relevant, it should be filed to the technological advantages of hosting this technology.

Stickers or similar

Many people will want to stone me to propose that the stickers come to WhatsApp. There are who argues that one of the major dimensions of WhatsApp is precisely that in the majority of cases the talks are simple text, without getting stickers, GIF animate or other stories of means. With the arrival of the stickers, this peace will disturb, especially in groups with many people.

If you think so, maybe you’re right. But only perhaps. Here are two arguments to think about the idea. First, Telegram has stickers for years and not why the West, or at least civilization chats in this application, have ceased to exist. They are there, If you want them to use, you’re free. If not, always the emoji or plain text will be you.

The stickers do not disturb. Bothered by the annoying people.

The second argument is that really the stickers do not include anything that is most annoying what you can already do on WhatsApp without them. I.e. forward memes, “hilarious” videos to all your contacts, send messages split into many lines, written with misspellings to the flag, invite people to groups that do not look anything, be insistent when you do not answer or assemble a chicken because the double blue tick is displayed but you do not answer. If your contacts are “annoying” people of itself, it is likely that they are already bugging you. The stickers are not going to change anything.

WhatsApp recently included emoji larger than normal, when you add a single emoji in a message. The idea is basically the same as the stickers, although in my opinion remains still a little risky. The “big” here emojis are almost like small ones of other messaging applications.


This being the year of the bots. Basically any messaging application that is betting on them, and it seems that once more WhatsApp It is lagging behind. Even his brother, Facebook Messenger, more fearless when it comes to incorporating new features, is not decided to launch their bots worldwide: by now are almost exclusive ground for United States.

WhatsApp has in its plans to focus to the business public, which it should generally mean the integration with bots, and is that not all companies can assume the task of manually reply to all messages. It is possible that WhatsApp is keeping the bots in secret to announce it when you have everything well tied, but in this sector frequently It is best to start earlier and later correct that wait is long.

Bot in Telegram, in this case to generate memes

Telegram, for his part, passed as the first tests with bots, allowing you to improve the platform in a version 2.0. Since then the number of bots has not stopped growing, adding interactivity to the chat without toggle or change application. The bots are going to get to WhatsApp, that is clear, but the question once more is when.

Shipments of any type and size

Traditionally only WhatsApp allowed you to send images and videos, but recently added to them also the ‘documents’, a very closed list of files is very focused on productivity: PDF, DOC, TXT, PPT, XLS and little else.

WhatsApp controls too what you send

Not only in formats is restrictive WhatsApp, but also in the size, with a limit that today in day is something short: 100 MB. Telegram on the contrary you can send whatever you want and the size that is, and therefore becomes a useful tool not only to talk with your friends, but also with yourself to stop things from your PC to mobile and vice versa.

Without phone number

WhatsApp has always been very intrusive: need to add someone to be able to chat with the application have you in your contacts with your phone number. The idea isn’t bad, and is indeed one of the pillars on which is based its success, but we must recognize that it is far from our privacy to ensure.

Telegram accounts also need to be assigned to a telephone number, but it does not have to be visible to your contacts (which is especially important in groups). Each account can also be assigned to a so that user name You can add someone without giving your phone.

Progress in recent times

The above are the main functions of Telegram who’d that come to WhatsApp, but surely you can find more if you’re a regular of this messaging application. In any case, not everyone is complaining and there is also that give credit for those improvements that has already included in your application. I.e. things that Telegram did better than WhatsApp but now are also in the latter. These are some:

  • History of shared links
  • Preview links
  • Checking the encryption using a QR code
  • Free distribution
  • Sending documents
  • Client for desktop
  • Replies to messages
  • The new message unread indicator
  • Contact and group notifications settings
  • The animated GIF

It is shown that new arrive, arrive, although a bit with eyedropper. We are waiting to know if in future our list will be decreasing in the part that is missing and increasing in the part which has already included. On the other hand, it must be remembered that this article speaks of things which has Telegram and not WhatsApp and not vice versa, which would include, for example, voice calls.