What You Couldn’t or Smell during Pregnancy

As a complement to the curious collection of cravings during pregnancy, we propose today a walk on the opposite side of the tastes and desires. Because we’d like to know What is that which you dislike during pregnancy, to the extent that you do not soportabas the smell.

Meals, drinks, body odors, cosmetics, cleaning products … sure you have examples is all of what you could not or smell when you were pregnant.

Probably those smells are associated with nausea, but it need not. Simply, from one day to another, you have to change the fabric softener for hair that you liked so much. Or stop eating lamb, squid or oranges. And to change the way to wash, because now you don’t smell from pregnant clothing.

In my case, I have to say that the listing has been less in my second pregnancy (although nausea, on the other hand, older), but the first pregnancy that I remember what could not smell (or taste), at least for a few months: Orange and wash fabric softener.

Of Orange may have its explanation: after a weekend out of House, a few skins of Orange had remained and were half-decomposed with strong odor around the corner. I could not be closer to Orange, very healthy and fresh they are, or in juice. Perhaps it is also that my body rejected them to avoid problems of acidity, I know what.

For the clothing fabric softener not find explanation, but at the beginning it had shunned the face sheets to not smell … until we change brand of fragrance and a few months later and was not as sensitive.

Also produced I dislike the smell of tobacco (a super help quitting completely) and coffee (years ago that I don’t take, but its odor normally pleasing me). The smell to “ fritanga ” also resulted me in rejection.

Interestingly, as I say, in my second pregnancy did not make these aversions (however I had more nausea), although if I remember one of my that I had to leave for a few months later.

What is that which you could not even smell during pregnancy? You affected much? Is there something that aversion after giving birth? We’d like to know what have been your experiences, to see if we sorprendéis with new data, as this desire by pickles who mysteriously develop many pregnant & #8230;