What Wallpaper Should I Choose

If the wallpaper you like, if you think they are the perfect decoration for your home – the choice is large. Nowadays any wallpaper. Therefore, you must be much more careful and much more informed when choosing.

First you must comply with this wallpaper for what will be used concrete room – children, living room, hall.

Clearly, if the room is small – you can not afford dark wallpaper. If it is dark – the windows are small, must once again stop at any lighter. Perhaps this is the place to do advertising for orange wallpaper. Many people do not like them because they are bright – even though the effect is astounding – will always think that you forgot lamp – it will seem brighter home.

A few tricks to achieve the space in the small house. For small rooms are not recommended and wallpaper with large elements or murals.

After making sure that your chosen wallpaper fit the room, take the calculator and begin to think how many rolls you’ll need. It is always better to prezapasite than not you go and then could not find the same.

Another trick is to start glue of the most visible places and finally leave the places with furniture and shelves. Anyway, to prove that you are weak in mathematics can caulk with artistry.

The Type of Wallpaper

Whether wallpapers are washable, vinyl, paper, silk, cork, painting and etc … also a great variety and price range.

It should carefully examine and consider what a room which will fit. Washable can be very suitable for the kitchen.

Textile wallpaper are very aristocratic, but if you used to smoke in the living room, not the best option because they absorb odors.

Consultants in stores can recommend several different colors or types of wallpaper on different walls of the room. Consider whether it is appropriate, taking the idea to the rest of the room arrangement – furniture, paintings, curtains.

Sometimes it happens – like some wallpaper and then it turns out that the curtains do not fit and should be changed, sofa and he does not fit – but you have to endure.
Even when purchasing need to check the numbers on rollers to make sure that you’re given exactly this kind you want.