What to Wear to Nurse when It’s Hot?

After a month of may that looked a lot like too to a month of November (at least in the Paris region, and that those who live Nice and had the sun don’t Exult too much or I send them my umbrella on the nose), we won’t complain about this sudden heat that deliciously befell on us… But I get many questions about the best materials and cuts to the high temperatures. Here are my suggestions:
You can refresh things by choosing good materials, or the good cuts…

Refreshing Contents

According to ewenzhou.info, when comes to material you’d better choose cotton, and bamboo, both breathable and absorbent, and avoid you the “paper” effect that sticks to the candy (dixit my dear grandmother, of Provençal origin.)
In these natural materials, you have two options: either or the string and frame (so the fabric woven, not mesh), is the jersey (mesh type t-shirt). The jersey (especially cotton) has the advantage of being a little more absorbent, so sometimes better comfort, but it is thicker than the chain fabric and frame, so a little warmer. The advantage of the cottons “string and frame” is that they do not stick to the skin, that air circulates so great well, and you’re not create at all, so generally Super flattering effect on the silhouette.

Fabric String and Frame

Fabric string and frame, the choice is always a bit more limited, because our suppliers prefer the mesh, for mainly technical reasons: it’s harder to make the “access to the breast” discreet in fabric as the mesh due to lack of elasticity. However, we found pretty chips this year, including:

Jersey/Mesh – Tops Without Sleeves

Jersey cotton (majority cotton and elastane), bamboo and lyocell, here’s a (nonexhaustive) selection of tops and dresses nice to wear even in high heat. I preferred the versions without sleeves, but you will find these materials in short sleeves…

Jersey/Mesh – Dresses

Suggestions (not comprehensive…)

The Refreshing Cups

Camisoles with Built-in Bra

At the level of cuts, it is true that sleeveless tops are quite refreshing. However, if you wear a nursing bra + top of breastfeeding, you end up necessarily with two layers of fabric, where the interest of Camisole/tank tops who have integrated a nursing bra. This saves you overlays (or the straps that go beyond).

In this category, you have praised the Glamourmom Camisole (in normal or longversion), and the good news is that there are now in a version really adapted to the generous breasts. See below:

We tested it with our model, and the maintenance was fabulous. A great solution for the summer.

We also have a dress constructed on this principle, the dress Sun (see below) but maintaining is especially designed for the cups, B, C, and D, not really beyond.

Long Dresses

On the side of the dresses, of course, a little short as dress dress Woodstock is super nice when it comes to hot, but I also find that the extra long is quite nice also!

On the one hand because the long extra is super nice door with sandals flat and comfortable to type label (so feet cool), and on the other hand, because when it comes to hot, it was not always want to show legs not tanned but already sweaty (!) And more there is always a small pleasant effect of the air produced by a long skirt…

Like what:

And you, what tops or dresses appreciate you more when the temperature goes up?