What to Wear High Waisted Jeans with

High-waisted jeans – a very interesting and stylish thing. They are retro and remind us of the fashion 80 years of the 20th century. It was then that they became popular, and the last few seasons again attracted the attention of designers and fashion.

To Fit Jeans for Women with High Waist?

This model is not universal – not suitable for all women. But some types of pieces will sit perfectly:

  • Skinny jeans with high waist skinny girls are perfect – they emphasize slender legs and waist, make a more feminine silhouette;
  • Fairer sex with lean, athletic figure better pay attention to the free flared or models;
  • Boyfriend jeans can be worn woman with beautiful legs and buttocks clean;
  • High girls can try on jeans expensive 7/8 length – they look amazing figure model.

Abandon high-waisted jeans worth of women and belly full, wide hips.

What You can Wear High-waisted Jeans?

Luke with high-waisted jeans to create simple, you can use familiar and comfortable favorite things:

  • Summer wear jeans feel this style of shirts and T-shirts. This season it is advisable to fill in.
  • Good looking tall jeans with shirts and blouses cut straight. Sexual image if the tie knot top end near the cross. If you are on vacation or informally, the stomach can be a bit bare.
  • For beach parties can be a good option kit with light high-waisted jeans and a short top.
  • In cool weather these jeans go well with sweaters and sweaters with long backs and short before a door, lonhslyvamy, svytshotamy.
  • If you do not know what to wear black high-waisted jeans, try to combine them with a classic jacket. This suit will not break the code of the office dress.

Many girls are also interested in the question – what accessories to wear high-waisted jeans. It is advisable to supplement their colorful belts, suspenders, wide bracelets, scarves. The choice of shoes is also great – long-legged girls can afford ballet flats, lofer, loafers, low lady will look spectacular in shoes and sandals with heels or platforms.