What to Expect From Smartwatches

The next war of tech giants, after the tablets and smartphones, will be waged on our wrists. It all started when Google announced, in 2012, which was working on a smart glasses, the Glass Project. Today the project left the paper and he’s the first great wearable (a computer that uses the body) in the industry. The other technology companies, however, have decided to enter the battle of the wearable betting on watches. While the Project Glass must reign absolute in your area, so competition between the smartwatches will be fierce. Giants like Sony and Nike have their templates; others like Samsung and Apple are working on their own. Small businesses are already using crowdfunding to put ideas on the market. Let’s talk a little bit of all of them.

What to Expect From Smartwatches


Today we have dozens of small brands selling their versions. The first was the Pebble, a watch that grossed more than $10 million on Computergees.com. It is compatible with Android and iOS. Connecting to the cell phone, some interesting functions are enabled in the product. You can see who is calling you, access to email, send and receive SMS, observe the calendar alerts and even view notifications from Facebook and Twitter. All in one e-paper screen, the same used in the Kindles. The Pebble costs today $ $150.

But the big news is in the hands of PH Technical Lab with Hot Smart Watch, which has two important differences of everything already done. The first is your private connection system. Doing with your hand in the form of a shell and touching it to your ear, the sound comes out of your wrist and go straight to your ear. So you do the links without taking the phone out of your pocket. The second innovation is that your hand movements are used to perform actions. An example is to wave goodbye to terminate a call. Currently the HotWatch is at Kickstarter and has raised more than $530,000. If you make a donation of $ $119, will receive the first batch in your coming out in December.


The first smart watch released by a major company was the Sony SmartWatch clock, which is only compatible with the Android system. Your screen is colorful and can show the same information as its competitors. The company is announcing the second version of the product, which will continue only compatible with OS from Google. The price is not yet official, but it is expected to cost around $ $100.

Have Samsung should launch in early September the your appliance. The name should be something like Galaxy Gear. The rumors say that he will have a 2.5 inch flexible display, will run on the Android system 4.1 with NFC, a camera and built-in speakers. It is also possible that your processor is 1.5 GHz, which is enough power for a watch.

The Nike sportwatch your has a different in mind:the athletes. He’s no good to receive calls or emails and SMS, because preview is strictly made for those who like to burn calories. GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer and accelerometer with 3 axes makes it a perfect companion to any sportsman. The clock can be found by R $599.

But without doubt, the most talked about and wearable is expected from Apple. The supposed name would be iWatch. The company’s CEO, Tim Cook, in an interview with All Thing Dcommented that the future of personal computing is, Yes, these devices, but not stated and not denied that the company is producing your. He also said he didn’t like the idea of a sunglasses like what Google did, but something in the wrist.

The iWatch could come later this year in two events that Apple should do in a few months. Some rumors indicate that it will feature biometric sensors and monitors for physical activities and battery that would last at least 5 days. But the great expectations for it to be communicated with the iPhone and thus allows us to view all the activity of the cell phone in our wrists or even make calls as the HotWatch does.

One thing is certain:the wrist computers are coming with full force and have everything to create a completely new market, something similar to what the iPod did in 2001, the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010. Looking at the past, Apple would be the favorite to win this contest. It is worth remembering, however, that the company did not have the genius of Steve Jobs to lead the development of the iWatch. Only time will tell, so who can conquer our wrists.