What is the Difference Between LED and Other Types?

LED lamps are invading increasingly every aspect related to lighting, from offices, shops and rooms even in the street. Old models of lamps that were once so used today do not offer any advantage that can be compared with the ones with the LED, so he is encroaching on the market today and doesn’t seem to retreat. But you know what are the main differences between them?

Durability and consumption

Two of the most important and well-known characteristics of LED light bulbs are the high durability and low consumption. On average, the LED system can operate over 55,000 hours, or 6 years, consuming only between 6 and 8 watts. Are big differences when we compare the same factors in other types of lamps, such as incandescent and fluorescent according to TOUGHESTFLASHLIGHTS.COM.

Incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of approximately 1,200 hours, or 50 days – the lowest among the types of lighting. They are the older models and, although the option with the lowest cost, the energy consumption is very high, from 60 to 200 watts. Only 5% of that energy is transformed into light, the rest is heat.

On the other hand, fluorescent lamps have a lower consumption of 13 to 15 watts, and durability of 8,000 hours, that is, a year or so. Even though a prolonged lifespan, when compared with incandescent, fluorescent loses to the LED because the energy required to make it work is between 80 and 90% less.


The LED lamp is undoubtedly the type of lighting more “green” in the market.Without the presence of toxic substances, such as mercury which is part of the composition of the fluorescent bulb, the LED does not damage the environment or your health. Thanks to the low consumption, CO2 emission is also reduced, which means a lower impact to the planet.


Space lighting with incandescent lamps or fluorescent presents too great a risk to the health and well-being of the people. The material of which they are made is a weak glass that can break easily, in addition to that warm until you reach high temperatures. In an accident, contact with hot glass pieces can lead to bigger problems.

Already the LED bulb is covered with a durable material that can withstand shocks and end stops, plus it’s cool – this feature is especially advantageous for families with curious children because it avoids accidents.