What is OCR?

The term OCR is an acronym – whose meaning is acronym pronounced as a Word and ending by the use by lexicalizar-of Optical Character Recognition, called in Spanish “Optical character recognition”. The creation of this technology dates back to 1974, and Raymond Kurzwell (American inventor, musician, entrepreneur, writer and scientist) did it so, originally, a pc can read aloud a printed document to blind people.

Definition of OCR

Definition of OCR

The definition of optical character recognition (OCR) is the process designed to digitize texts written by hand or machine in a role to transform them into a computer document, which in turn, can be modified on a computer. Those writings are automatically identified by this program from an image, characters, or symbols that belong to a given alphabet. In this way are stored in the form of data, and thus you can interact with them through a text-editing program or similar.

What is OCR 1

Using this software you can also edit journal articles, brochures, contracts in pdf, etc. that have been scanned. Already this program in the first place, it analyzes the structure of the document image. Then, divide page elements such as text blocks, images, tables if there are any. It is divided in turn lines words and then click characters. These are compared with a set of images of the pattern. In this way it moves into hypotheses about what that character. Based on these scenarios, the software analyzes the different variants of rupture lines in words and words in characters. After making a number of these scenarios probabilistic processing, finally the program taking the decision, and present the recognized text.

What is OCR 2

Usage examples and phrases

“To be able to use one or another OCR program you need trained personnel who have learned it in a reasonable time.” Refers in this case to the knowledge and time needed to learn how to work with this software.

“As the OCR has become a great Assistant, there are many sites on the internet that allow access to this program for free”. This example is used with the meaning of the different pages that offer to download it free.

“The company is being conversion of printed documents in computer files using the OCR program”. Here designates one of its utilities within an organization.