Weight Loss after Pregnancy

One of the reasons that cast further back to become pregnant women is overweight that caught during that State, with some fear losing the silhouette had before becoming mothers. Currently, has much declined the number of kilos caught (even dangerously few for such obsession), but all you have heard more than one mother comment the up to twenty pounds that came to take in a few months.

A study published recently by the Cochrane has analyzed the data from six studies with a total of 245 participants on the effectiveness of the diet and the post-partum period with some very interesting conclusions about maternity underwear from bittranslators:

< li > < strong > exercise only helps restore muscle tissue </strong >, as well as to avoid lack of progressive mobility and produces cardiovascular improvements, but does not have a clear effect on the weight of the mothers < /li > < li > < strong > perform only diet has a positive impact in </strong > weight loss , but are kept several of the “side effects” of pregnancy fitness-level < / li & gt;