Wedding Makeup 2015

Wedding makeup 2015, trends for the day of the fateful “Yes” come directly from the runways.The trick here is sharp and sexy nude look at many ideas to inspire, but don’t rely only on what you like: the make up is a second skin that must adapt perfectly to your skin tone.

Choose the makeup for your wedding day isn’t something that only takes a few minutes and we should never rely solely and exclusively to our desires, because not always what like then is what is right. Every bride in the most beautiful day dreams of having a flawless complexion, and maybe even a few pounds less, but alternatively just pick the right dress that enhances shapes and rely on a makeup artist who is good at contouring and therefore be able to refine our features. You have no idea what might like it? Please take a look at our photo gallery, but then get advice from a professional.

Operation perfect base

The Basic face for makeup as always is one of the most important aspects: If the base is good, then you won’t have any problems, because the aim is to cover some pimple and not risk that makeup slip away during the day. The better the basis the better the chance that your bridal makeup remains intact until the end of the evening. Crucial to that effect choosing a mattifying primer, which prevents the shiny effect, especially if you have oily skin, and a loose powder for matting the skin further. Despite the face you are going to apply lots of products, more than you could ever imagine, the finish must be absolutely fresh and natural and naturally bright.

Eye make up

Until a few years ago, the trend was for a major, especially with regard to the bridal eye makeup, was the nude look; this year though there have been notable openings, so it is not uncommon for a bride exhibit a captivating eye makeup and decided, maybe just one smokey ey and tinted shades, even if the circumstance requires it. But if you want to avoid overloading the lineaments and if you decide to focus on the eyes, the rest leave it as it is, especially if you’re getting married in the spring.

Lip makeup

For seasonal trends and lips are basically two: on one side the lips featured with strong shades of lipstick and lit, with a certain predilection for Orange hues that turn on shades of deep red. Those who prefer to draw attention on the look, instead, opt for a make up lips literally naked, choosing a very natural lipstick, a shade very similar to that of the lips or skin tones; or, to give a touch of light to the lips, on the catwalks of fashion bridal has been cleared through customs on transparent gloss, or limit rosato, both as a natural completion of natural-looking makeup nude, both for a more decisive trick but that values above all the eyes.

The makeup of the bride in General must always be balanced: If you want to splurge on a deep red lipstick on the day of your wedding, then do not upload too. If your complexion is dark you opt for light colours and soft colours and try to give light to the face, while if you have fair skin you can afford a little more, but do not forget that on the whole, whatever the color palette selection, the make up will give light to the face.