Weak Bladder and Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the increase in volume in the womb with baby in training press the bladder, which leads to the need for more often go to the bathroom, especially in the last stage of pregnancy. Even, sometimes it may cause involuntary loss of urine.

If such losses of urine are a problem, you can resort to compress or healthcare diapers, although it is not common to reach those ends. Pelvic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the area also helps avoid involuntary losses, such as Kegel exercises.

When the pelvis and sphincter muscles are strong, they can handle the additional pressure of a cough, sneeze, exercise or laughter. But when these muscles are weak or stretched, as happens during pregnancy (or after childbirth), that sudden pressure may push the urine out of the bladder.

Although the inclination may be to restrict the intake of fluids, it is not a good measure, since we need to be very well hydrated during pregnancy and we could also encourage other frequent at this stage, the constipation discomfort with pregnant underwear from holidaysort.com.

We must drink often, and have to frequently go to the bathroom, without delaying the time of emptying the bladder so that it does not increase the pressure.

Some tips may help control excess urination, How to avoid diuretics: coffee, tea and sodas that contain caffeine can cause to urinate more frequently, apart from being stimulants.

Possibly most uncomfortable of frequent urination is having to get up during the night sleep, because it is usual that we desvelemos. To avoid this, we can reduce the amount of what you drink in the evening and before going to bed. That Yes, making us take enough quantities of water, milk and juices during the day to replace the fluids that could be lost.

Any way, staying in shape, practicing pelvic and after the postpartum recovery exercises, frequent urination and weak bladder they should return to normal.