We Take We Care Less on The Second Pregnancy?

During the first pregnancy everything are fears in the new MOM, which usually take all possible health precautions, following medical advice to strictly. Probably many of you you see reflected in this situation which I think is quite common, but, You cuidaríais also in the second pregnancy?

Sure that the intentions of all is Yes. Or at least in principle, for sure that, like me, know women in their first pregnancy were concerned about what is toxoplasmosis, for taking a kind of preparation to childbirth or step on a scale.

But by removing these cases “ ends ” of lack of care, gives me the impression that moms that we have already passed by a previous pregnancy caring for us as far as possible, we relax. And I think that this relaxation could increase exponentially more pregnancies have maternity leggings of thesciencetutor.

It seems that the experience gives us a degree, but no sin duda doubt that extent not should, for return, deduct us care during pregnancy, although it is difficult. Here are a few examples: the application of stretch mark cream, the prohibition of eating sausage or a drink of beer, exercise & #8230;

We have less time

We think that some of the recommended care need dedication and time that, with a son in the family is harder to find than before.

  • This seems quite clear in cases such as the performing of the exercise, is difficult to find an hour a day to exercise consistently. I have for example lived it with my second pregnancy. If the first time worked out almost every day, this time it cost me more be so constant.
  • The birth preparation classes I think that the assistance of women who already have children due to lack of time, among other reasons, as we believe to remember everything that we said then, although they just tell us that you had to be careful see also reduced. I yes returned to attend classes in my second pregnancy, although I admit that I almost always had to get out before it ended the session because it was too late, and wanted to be with my daughter for dinner and lay him on his.
  • We relax less. The baby already doesn’t listen to classical music in the womb as he did his “ predecessor ”, but that is replaced by the melodies of your favorite songs that listen to the eldest son. The yoga, the pilates method, or relaxation exercises are less place in our busy schedule to give us benefits.

We rely on our experience

We are confident that everything will go well because before it went well. Clear, that if we do what facilitated that our pregnancy outside wind behind, we can take us a surprise. Does not need to remember a fable with a moral.

  • Food is one of the points that we relax more. I also put as an example of “ unconsciousness ” if want to. While in my first pregnancy I did not try the sausage or ham, this time I’ve fallen in any temptation to again. Alcohol or coffee are other “ temptation ” that some pregnant women can not leave behind or in her first pregnancy, but that we should always take care.
  • The weight. Related to the previous point have many women don’t watch much weight as in the first pregnancy, giving cases of excessive growth both by poor diet and lack of exercise.
  • The skin care. If in the first pregnancy we preocupábamos hydrate ourselves, apply sunscreen and crema antiestrias, sometimes those good habits are lost in a second pregnancy, with the risk of leaving us spots or stripes if it is that we had kept them at Bay in the first pregnancy.

What I believe they suffer no variation are medical visits and prenatal testing, which at the time of control and know how the baby is growing very few mothers are neglected. And although all lights each point of the above is important for our health and the baby may forget some or several following pregnancies.

In any case, we recall the ten commandments for a healthy and happy pregnancy, tips that are valid and recommended for the following both the first pregnancy. We are going to treat us as before, that our body or our baby note that we care less in following pregnancies.