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Kit for small businesses: the perfect solution.

With our kit for small businesses, shops of all types and size between small and medium, we have a solution for you.

As smartercomputing explained in an previous article, it is time to change to higher resolutions and qualities of video equipment HD CVI. By little difference in price compared with analog equipment, we will enjoy a quality viewing and recording much higher. If you want even more quality, would spend to HD-SDI and at a late stage to IP cameras and NVR, s.

We can based on the model record and transmit to 720 or 1080 p, with customizable qualities to our ADSL network, offering real time at all times. Recording continuous calendar automatically by deleting the oldest recordings without having to worry about. Available also recording by motion detection therefore saving much disk space or entry alarm depending on the model chosen. The system is even capable of recording simultaneously both continuous and motion detection.

It has multiple accesses from mobile platform such as PC, with powerful software for multi-site for both cases. Control functions 3 Basic such as:

  1. viewing live.
  2. viewing recordings.
  3. backup recordings.

Features even more Advanced as:

  • macros to automate recordings.
  • e-map configuration.
  • Advanced alarm management.
  • PTZ cameras with advanced programming movement.
  • management of output images to multiple monitors or video wall.
  • programming, API´s and many more.

With respect to the Chambers, they can combine both white and black, and both aesthetic dome as tubular, that Yes, all models are equipped with infrared for night vision with a 20mts mid-range.

Ultimately, high performance equipment but a use simple, rapid response and quality far superior to the traditional analog. Please contact us and we will give them more details or DEMO of our kit for small businesses.